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Phytomer Cleansers

The true beginning of any skin care regimen is proper cleansing. Phytomer Cleansers are the first step in the treatment of skin, to remove makeup and to clear away the everyday dirt, excess oils, dead skin cells and impurities that are gathered from the environment. Unlike with many cleansers, this can be accomplished without harsh chemicals or alcohol bases. These strip away the delicate protective layer of the skin, the hydrolipidic film. Instead, Phytomer Cleansers use gentle but effective contents to achieve the desirable goal of a clean skin without causing damage in the process.

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Phytomer Cleansers Products

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Eliminates dead skin cells and impurities, smoothes the skin.
5 oz | PM011
A refreshing cleanser to control oil and deep clean the pores.
5 oz | PM037
This shower cream gently cleanses, tones and remineralizes the skin.
6.76 oz | PM101

Additional Phytomer Cleansers Information

Without proper cleansing, the leftover makeup, excess oils, dirt, dead skin cells and other debris can clog pores and follicles, which may result in serious skin problems. In addition, these waste materials can provide an ideal culture for the growth of bacteria and fungi, which can cause infection, inflammation and damage to the skin above and below the surface. Phytomer Cleansers work to remove the problem of debris build-up with light, gentle lathering gels and creams. They combine the effectiveness of soap with the softness of cream.

All day long – and all night, as well – your face is constantly subjected to the build-up of excess oils, constantly shedding dead skin cells, airborne soils and pollutants as well as other contaminants. To give your skin a chance to show its natural, healthy glow, all of this debris has to be removed. But be careful! Harsh cleansers can do more damage than the original problem. Instead, Phytomer Cleansers take a more gentle, but still effective, approach to skin cleansing. By using carefully formulated and balanced ingredients, these products provide the care your skin needs. You will be amazed by how gently they perform.

It only makes sense that, before using a toner, the skin should be clean and prepared. The velvety Phytomer Oligopur – Purifying Cleansing Gel uses a combination of oat amino acids and red algae extract to achieve the synergy of these two effective ingredients. The oat amino acids help counteract the excess oils, cleaning the skin and keeping it blemish-free. At the same time, the extract of Asparagopsis armata, a red marine algae, improves the skin’s moisture retention and elasticity. The marine content of Phytomer Perfect Visage Gentle Cleansing Milk comes from the extract of Laminaria digitata, a brown seaweed. The natural alginic acid in this extract detoxifies the skin. The refreshing and bracing fragrance of menthol accompanies the luxurious feel of Phytomer Doux Visage – Velvet Cleansing Cream. It not only removes makeup and eliminates impurities in the skin, but prevents the loss of moisture from the skin.

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