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Phytomer Exfoliators

Exfoliation is not just scrubbing off old skin to make you feel smooth. Skin is layered, with the cells constantly renewing and growing to the surface. Phytomer Exfoliators assists in this natural process, gently removing the dead, dry cells at the surface so the younger, healthier cells can come to the fore. To be effective, exfoliation should not disrupt the natural progression of skin growth or interrupt the balance of lipids and moisture-protecting layers that are an important part of skin structure. The suite of Phytomer Exfoliators works with the natural skin processes to gently urge the old cells off the surface to encourage the formation of new ones.

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Phytomer Exfoliators Products

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Gently eliminates impurities and dead skin cells with natural enzymes.
1.6 oz | PM008
Soft cleansing and exfoliating agents detoxify the epidermis.
1.6 oz | PM038
Sea Salt body toning scrub moisturizes skin as it exfoliates.
5 oz | PM055
This exfoliant with natural marine extracts restores the skin's radiance and tone.
1.6 oz | PM001
A sea salt scrub formulated to exfoliate dead skin without causing irritation to deeply moisturize.
1.69 oz | PM129

Additional Phytomer Exfoliators Information

Both gentle physical debridement and natural botanically derived compounds are employed by Phytomer Exfoliators in this process. It is not necessary to use harsh chemicals or overly abrasive materials to exfoliate skin. Instead, the carefully formulated products mildly use the skin’s own tendency to shed dead cells. This avoids damaging the delicate surface and subcutaneous structures of the skin, which would only lead to rough, compromised skin. The results will amaze you.

You will be surprised at how gentle and creamy the suite of Phytomer Exfoliators can be. Used only once or twice a week, their mild actions not only exfoliate, but tone and smooth the skin. The result is an even, glowing skin as new cells are encouraged to develop naturally without the debris of old, dead skin cells in the way. Excess oils, dirt and pollutants deposited by the environment are also gently scrubbed away, leaving a fresh and renewed feeling of health and vigor.

The amazingly velvety texture of Phytomer Vegetal Exfoliant belies its effectiveness. Fine kaolin clay not only smoothes the skin, but absorbs excess oils and contaminants. Papain, also an ingredient, is a natural enzyme derived from the papaya and is also an excellent exfoliant. Meanwhile, the botanically derived stearic acid mixes with and lifts off the oils and dirt on the surface of the skin. With Phytomer Purifying Gommage Exfoliant, there is both the gentle debridement and smoothing effect of fine kaolin. Working in synergy with the kaolin are two types of marine products: Lithothamnium calcarum powder, a species of red seaweed, and sorbitol, also derived from seaweed. This cleanses and detoxifies the skin, while restoring its tone. To handle particularly rough areas, such as the knees, elbows and heels, Phytomer Tony Body Scrub (Gommage Corps Tonifiant) can be applied wet or dry to provide a more vigorous debridement. This scrub also fortifies the skin and renews the cells as the sea salt (maris sal adds much-needed trace elements.

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