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Phytomer Moisturizers

Moisturizers allow skin cells to become more fully balanced. With the use of the suite of Phytomer Moisturizers, you can give your skin the materials it needs to function in the way it is intended. These substances allow the individual cells to become and remain healthy, and for the skin as a whole to operate at all levels. The carefully balanced botanical extracts, minerals and laboratory developed ingredients in Phytomer Moisturizers provide the skin with all the elements it needs to become and remain supple, clear, defended against external stresses and achieve that healthy glow that is your goal.

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Phytomer Moisturizers Products

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Provides calcium and Omega-3 to the skin to improve strength and density.
1.6 oz | PM079
Reduce wrinkle depth and get younger looking skin with this advanced technology correction cream.
1.69 oz | PM089
With 2 ultra-effective marine ingredients for visibly younger looking skin.
1.6 oz | PM114
An anti-aging moisturizer that can be used on face and eyes.
1.69 oz | PM112
Delivers intense hydration as it visibly lights up the skin.
1.69 oz | PM109
Smooth and firm with this silky textured cream.
1.6 oz | PM074
No Longer Available
A beautiful hybrid facial product that provides makeup, skin care and sun protection.
1.7 oz | PM115

Additional Phytomer Moisturizers Information

The outward signs of properly moisturized skin include a smooth, clear surface, elasticity and an even, unblemished appearance. The skin should be untarnished by infection, breakouts or clogged pores and follicles. Phytomer Moisturizers allow skin cells to accept hydration naturally, overcoming the overproduction of lipids or the dry, flaky areas that indicate dehydrated skin. Well-hydrated skin also plumps up to smooth over the small lines and wrinkles that occur over time, particularly in the “expression areas” around the eyes and mouth.

Skin that is out of balance can be oily, blemished, flushed or flaky. These external appearances are caused by skin cells that are not kept at an ideal hydration level. Phytomer Moisturizers are absorbed deep into the skin, to allow the cells to function properly. Healthy skin produces a balanced amount of oils, maintains elasticity and naturally exfoliates dead, useless skin cells so that new, healthy cells can be produced to replace them. Well-hydrated skin is also able to more readily defend itself against surface bacterial infections, rashes and the stresses placed upon it by the environment.

Soothing and refreshing Phytomer Hydracontinue – Instant Moisture Cream contains macadamia nut oil, which is not only an excellent emollient but contains large amounts of vitamin E. Along with caprylic/capric triglyceride, derived from coconut oil, it produces a barrier on the skin’s surface to prevent moisture loss. Milk protein, containing lactic acid, stimulates collagen production. For irritated or sensitive skin, or showing symptoms of rosacea, Phytomer Velvety Soothing Cream contains rich shea butter, cold-pressed from the pulp of karite tree nuts of West Africa. Anti-inflammatory extracts from chrysanthemum and Montpelier cistus help soothe sensitive skin that has been subjected to too much distress. Marine botanical extracts also add antibacterial protection to help guard against further irritation. Harsh conditions require strong countermeasures, which Phytomer Rich Thermo-Protective Cream brings with a suite of protective and soothing botanical oils. Along with shea butter, it offers apricot kernel oil, argan oil and sweet almond oil to nourish and calm skin.

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