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Phytomer Toners and Clarifiers

Between cleansing and moisturizing, there is an additional step you need to take: Toning. Achieve a balanced healthy skin with Phytomer Toners and Clarifiers. This suite of products will help your skin reach and maintain a proper pH balance, while regulating the amount of oil on your skin’s surface. With Phytomer Toners and Clarifiers, your skin receives a crisp, refreshing wake-up without any drying alcohol. The balanced botanical extracts, minerals and laboratory-developed ingredients clean and smooth your skin, giving you a fresh surface for any additional steps in your skin care regime.

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Phytomer Toners and Clarifiers Products

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Dual action toning and cleansing lotion.
8.4 oz | PM003

Additional Phytomer Toners and Clarifiers Information

Some toners can leave your skin dry, while others depend on moisturizers without regard for the condition of your skin. The gentle alcohol-free Phytomer Toners and Clarifiers refresh your skin without leaving a greasy film behind. By maintaining a balanced pH level and the proper amount of surface oil, the skin is left clean and healthy; bacteria cannot find a hold. Tighten pores for a smooth, even look. Leave your skin supple and glowing with a daily application. Phytomer Toners and Clarifiers are suitable for all skin types.

The beginning of any careful skin care regimen is cleansing, but this alone does not fully prepare your skin for the application of moisturizers. Phytomer Toners and Clarifiers take the next step after cleansing by balancing your skin: Helping the skin achieve the proper pH balance, so it will not be too dry to too oily and certainly so it will not become an open invitation to bacteria. In addition, these toners help tighten the pores, to help create a barrier between your skin and the hostile environment. With carefully balanced and effective botanical extracts, just a touch of sea salt (to provide needed healthful minerals) and some laboratory-proven ingredients, the toners leave your skin feeling bright and refreshed.

As gentle as Phytomer Rosee Visage Toning Cleansing Lotion feels, it is powerful in its cleansing and toning properties. Useful for all skin types, it is alcohol-free and does not leave a greasy film. Instead, after application the skin feels clean, supple and velvety. Using just a trace of sea salt (maris sal) to infuse the skin with healthful minerals, the lotion fortifies and strengthens the skin.

Also for all skin types, Phytomer Eau Marine Alcohol-Free Tonic Lotion uses a combination of natural botanical toners and astringents, including ivy leaf extract, witch hazel and Mediterranean cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) oil. These tighten the skin pores without alcohol, creating a barrier against microbial attack. Antibacterial benefits are derived from another group of botanical extracts, including St. John’s wort, grape leaf, Arnica Montana flower.

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