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Pomega5 CEO Tzeira Sofer

Behind the Bottle

A Q&A with the insiders behind your favorite brands.

Tzeira Sofer
Founder and CEO
Pomega, Inc.

Pomega, Inc.

Entrepreneur and trained nutritionist Tzeira Sofer became fascinated with ancient medicine and the world of botanicals at a young age, and began investigating the use of natural, plant-based treatments as solutions for her own health issues and sensitivities. Inspired to help women overcome similar problems through diet, she established a wellness clinic, where she first learned of pomegranate seed oil from one of her patients. When she experienced the ability of this oil to reverse years of skin damage, she knew she had discovered something special that she would have to share with the world.

Tzeira worked with doctors and fatty acid experts to define the unique molecule in pomegranate seed oil as Omega 5, and progressing from kitchen to lab, she partnered with chemists to develop a full range of green skin care founded on the proven science of Omega fatty acids and natural active ingredients.

1). How did you get started in this industry?

I never intentionally set out to enter the beauty industry, so it's probably more accurate to say that I found myself in it! The inspiration began with a deep-seeded interest in food ingredients (which I had been studying from a young age) and the fact that my own sensitivities prevented me from using any conventional skin care or cosmetic products. It was while experimenting with various botanicals and essential fatty acids that I discovered the uniquely potent antioxidant molecule derived from pomegranate seed oil, Omega 5. Having founded a women's health clinic several years earlier, I was motivated to work closely with clients to help them overcome their challenges around nutrition and health. I am a long-time believer in the power and healing force of bioactives, and Pomega became another avenue through which to educate others.

2). What is your star product or biggest breakthrough?

Healing Cream. This was the product that consumed me the most, and through its creation I was confronted with many challenges that helped me grow as both an innovator and an entrepreneur. Healing Cream represents my belief system in my innate healing force. I suffered from childhood from severe eczema and refused to use steroid creams. I created Healing Cream for my own skin illness, and I admit that my skin at 55 today looks and feels much better than my skin at 25. The reward of validation from medical centers, doctors and hundreds of patients is validating to my years of knowledge, research and experimentation.

Ultimately, the experience of bringing Pomega5 Healing Cream to market resulted in two incredible breakthroughs: The first was achieving product stability using a pure, botanical preservation system.

Many years of experimentation were required to yield a shelf life of 4, 6, 12, and ultimately 18 months without incorporating traditional synthetic preservatives. The second and most recent breakthrough has been receipt of clinical validation for the product's efficacy: we now know from doctors who are using Healing Cream to treat their patients that it truly works.

3). Who/What inspires you?

I am inspired by compassion for peoples' suffering from health issues - mostly women suffering from chronic conditions and autoimmune illnesses. The deep understanding of the innate healing force in humans, combined with the healing force of nature, is what drives my vision and creativity.

My journey was also inspired by the women in my life: My grandmother, who was a fabulous chef and big believer in food ingredients (I learned much of what I know today about cuisine and nutrition from her); my mother, who is constantly giving love through her cooking; my daughter, who was so intuitive from a young age with respect to her dietary needs and taught me many lessons about being true to one's body; and my other incredible great grandmothers whom I have heard about, but never met. It's the feminine force of my ancestors, all the way through my daughter, which inspires me to persevere as a creator every day.

4). Be honest, what beauty products do you use regularly other than your own?

To be perfectly honest, I really don't use any skin care products apart from my own, and I am allergic to most makeup. Once or twice a week I may apply a concealer (MAC, Bobbi Brown and Lorac all seem to agree with my skin), and I use lip-glosses by MAC. In general, I am a big advocate of going with a very natural look, and believe that if one eats a balanced diet naturally rich in minerals and vitamins, drinks plenty of water, and gets sufficient rest, the complexion will naturally appear radiant and refreshed.

5). Imagine the future of the beauty industry and give us your prediction of what's to come.

I believe this industry will undergo a transformation: The abundance of products we currently see is going to shrink down to the necessities, and the products that do remain will become increasingly focused on purity. Customers will experience allergic reactions more frequently and demonstrate less trust in products, forcing us to return to the sophistication and efficacy of the basics. This is really what Pomega5 is all about: 12-20 ingredients in a product, no petroleum, no synthetic agents or perfumes. I hope I live to see this change.

6). Give our customers a beauty insider tip:

Journal. You cannot know what is good for your skin if you do not bother to get to know yourself. No one can tell you what type of skin you have or the types of reactions you may experience, so make it your mission to find out: Journal for at least two months about what you eat, what you drink, how you feel, and your rest and exercise patterns. Note your skin's texture, elasticity and color, as this will provide you with valuable information about what suits your constitution. Some foods and lifestyle habits can expedite skin renewal and vitality. Again, certain foods and eating/drinking habits like sugars and alcohol are much like harmful products for your skin. Once you start journaling, this intuitive understanding of yourself will become part of who you are, and it'll become easier for you to determine which beauty products are really right for you - and worth your money.

6.5). In 140 characters or less, give us a beauty tip to Tweet and tell us where to follow you.

Consume Omega5 and fatty acids 3 and 9 with your meals and with your skin care. Follow us at and (@Pomega5).

7). Extra Credit: Write personal reviews for some of the individual products in your line.

Intensive Nightly Repair Serum has been the golden elixir of repair for my skin. It has brightened, toned and corrected my uneven pigmentation - and at the same time is refreshingly fabulous for early morning puffiness. If I could own only one miracle product, it would be this Serum.

The other product I cannot live without, which pairs perfectly with my Serum, is Grenade Anti Rides Nourishing Cream. This age-defying cream provides deep nourishment without oiliness, slickness, or residue - and it smells heavenly to boot! Grenade Anti Rides has visibly transformed my skin, reducing fine lines and improving its texture with time.

Lemongrass Clarifying Cleansing Bar is a universal favorite. I have yet to meet one person who does not fall in love with its alluring, refreshing scent! Deeply cleansing and invigorating, this facial cleanser was formulated specifically for problematic skin, so I never break out.

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