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Tzeira Sofer's quest to conquer her own hypersensitivities led to much more than she anticipated--the founding of her own skin care company. After researching phytotherapy and natural healing traditions, Tzeira established a clinic, where she helped people struggling with chronic conditions like her own. It was there that Tzeira learned about the benefits of pomegranate extract from a client and quickly became a believer in its powers to heal and protect the body. After years of personal research, Tzeira teamed up with a group of scientists to formulate a line of skin care formulas based around pomegranate seed oil, marking the birth of her brand, Pomega5.

Pomega5 offers products that avoid harsh chemicals, artificial colorants, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrance and chemical sunscreens wherever possible.

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See our Q&A with Tzeira Sofer, Founder and CEO of Pomega5.

The Pomega5 skin care collection contains Omega 5, the nutrient that gives pomegranate juice its unique healing and protective properties. This molecule was isolated by Tzeira and her scientific team and is found only in the brand's products, making them far more effective than other formulas that are based on pomegranate extract. The gentle formulas found in Pomega5 products are safe for all complexions, even those who suffer from chronic skin irritation or allergies as they do not contain any parabens, petrochemicals, fillers or synthetics.

The Pomega5 brand takes its cues from the plant world, employing a luxuriant and nourishing palette of botanical extracts and essential oils designed to attend to your skincare needs in a holistic manner. Time-honored knowledge and scientific precision combine in this line with remarkable formulations that offer a refreshing step away from harsh, artificial chemicals.

Pomega5's founder, Tzeira Sofer, eased into the skincare industry because of her desire to create unconventional cosmetic formulations and because of her abiding passion for holistic health and nutrition. Sofer managed a wellness clinic and was also deeply interested in cooking with healthful and wholesome ingredients, so she based her dermatological explorations on a creatively wide-ranging worldview. The brand really sprang from her discovery of the healthful dermatological benefits of pomegranate seed oil, out of which the antioxidant-rich Omega 5 extract is derived. Omega 5 is one of the fatty-acid stalwarts of the Pomega5 laboratory, along with others rendered from natural sources such as sweet almond oil and olive oil. Those fatty acids make up one of five foundational element categories shaping the Pomega5 approach, along with essential oils, botanical extracts, hydrosols and distillates, and minerals, micronutrients, and colloidals.

You won't find petrochemicals, synthetics, or parabens in the Pomega5 recipes. The brand relies on pure bioactive botanical ingredients to concoct its varied skincare products, which are meant to be as nourishing and healthful as they are cosmetically beneficial. These products include moisturizers, age-defying serums, healing creams, revitalizing capsules, and purifying mists, all of them conferring an aromatherapeutic experience suitable for individuals of any skin type.

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