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One of the core issues in skin care is maintaining a proper level of moisture in the skin tissues. Developed for dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, Quintessence Skin Science Moisturizers Products provide moisturizing care for skin that is experiencing distress due to issues of appropriate hydration. All skin requires a healthy level of moisture in order to function properly; as with all tissues, the skin is dependent upon a steady level of adequate hydration in order to renew itself, heal from damage and to function properly. When skin is denied enough moisture, it can become rough, cracked and flaking, subject to infection and inflammatory conditions.

Developed through scientific research, Quintessence Skin Science Moisturizers Products have been formulated to provide distressed skin with treatments that will both moisturize and heal the tissues. More than just maintaining proper levels of hydration, these formulas help to counteract the effects of extreme conditions caused by the environment or by health issues. Quintessence Skin Science Moisturizers Products provide care that helps renew dehydrated skin, providing the tissues with ingredients to allow it to recover its natural smoothness, suppleness and beauty.

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Even a moderate imbalance of hydration can affect the appearance and health of skin. In more extreme situations, lack of hydration can express itself in rough, cracked, flaking and inflamed skin. The scientifically developed formulas of Quintessence Skin Science Moisturizers Products have been designed to provide hydrating ingredients as well as for helping the skin to repair and renew itself. Rough, flaking skin is most often associated with areas on the knees, elbows and heels, but they can also occur almost anywhere as a result of such issues as skin inflammation or contact dermatitis. These moisturizers can help to reverse these symptoms (in many cases) and restore skin to a smooth, soft condition.

In addition to callous-like patches on the knees, elbows and heels, drying and cracking of skin can occur on the fingertips, between the fingers, the soles of the feet and the site of rashes and contact dermatitis. The ingredients in Quintessence Dual Action Moisturizing Lotion can often help relieve these conditions, not only improving the unsightly appearance and painful sensation, but also helping to heal the fissures to prevent an avenue of possible infection. This treatment was developed by dermatologists to treat dry, cracked and flaking skin in two ways: Emollients help to hydrate the skin tissues to restore the skin’s moisture balance, while lactic acid (derived from milk products) gently exfoliates, in a process called keratolytic action, to allow the dead, dry skin cells to detach from the skin surface. When applied to slightly moistened skin, this lotion helps to improve the appearance and condition of dry, cracked skin.

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