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Some beauty secrets are worth long journeys. The women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe of South America have traveled deep into the Amazon rainforest for hundreds of year to retrieve one such secret, a natural oil that is incredibly healthy for the hair. Just a few drops helps repair damage caused by sunlight and environmental stressors. A native of Ecuador, New York City-based stylist Fabian Lliguin was told of this ancient beauty secret and after conducting research, she became convinced of the benefits of this rare oil.

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Rahua Products

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This 100% natural conditioner helps to protect hair while leaving it more manageable. Gluten Free.
9.3 oz | RU002



Rahua Customer Reviews

aCustomer Los Angeles
Pros: other products in this line are good. Cons: this is not one of their other good products, bring on the static.
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
terribly dry shampoo - 12/6/2015 10:27:49 AM it is a small quantity for a large bottle to being with. then you have to puff it out of the bottle, which is very inefficient. I suppose it makes the hair fluffy, but that is just because of the uncontrollable and bizarre amount of static electricity it generates. Their other products are extremely good, but not this one.
SeattleSLEM Seattle
Age Group: 55+Gender: F
Pros: smells good, detangles well, only need a dime's with Cons: cost, does not manage frizziness
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Rahua Didn't Dua It For Me - 8/16/2015 10:33:19 PM I was very excited about this product, especially after reading a positive review by singer Corrine Bailey Rae. Our hair is quite similar. However, Rahua increased the frizziness in my very fine, very curly hair (3B/3A). If you have nonporous hair, it may work well.
saf2shel Corpus Christi, TX
Age Group: 45-54Gender: FHair Color: blondeHair Type: limp/fine/thin
Pros: pleasant fragrance, maintains hair color, daily use
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Rahua - 5/31/2015 2:46:21 AM Excellent natural shampoo, lathers well, makes my hair shine and does weigh it down. My husband has even started using it.
neonbelli Sarasota, FL
Age Group: 25-34Gender: FHair Color: brunetteHair Type: limp/fine/thin
Pros: pleasant fragrance, daily use, softening Cons: price
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Excellent product range - 2/12/2015 9:10:16 AM I have been using the original Rahua formulas for nearly 5 years. I absolutely love that the formula is natural and I do believe I get aroma therapeutic benefits from it - so soothing and calming. I found that my hair grew quickly as well as maintained its softness and strength as compared to using the shampoos and conditioners I was using before. Somewhere along the line I tried the Voluminous formula and I did not find it superior to the original, even as far as volume goes. However, I tried it again recently and just loved it. The scent is totally different - sweeter - but is still subtle and a nice change from the smoky palo santo. My hair just looks phenomenal. I will continue to purchase the Voluminous formula for a few months before switching back to the original. I also use their hair wax and volumizing hair spray - excellent products as well, I highly recommend!
BorninBrooklyn Brooklyn, NY
Age Group: 55+Gender: FHair Color: redHair Type: chemically treated
Pros: pleasant fragrance, maintains hair color, daily use, natural
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Where have you been all my life? - 1/15/2014 4:21:01 AM OK, I've spent DECADES searching for the perfect conditioner for my color treated, thick wavy hair. I want volume, but not frizz, and I wanted a healthy natural product. Ladies (and gents), this product is perfection, what more can I say? Give it a try, you won't be disappointed (and, no, I don't work for the company).
Cons: unpleasant fragrance
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Received bad batch, disappointed! - 7/16/2013 12:53:47 AM I've used rahua shampoo and conditioner for years, went through dozens of this product b4. The half dozen bottles I ordered during the 20% sale have a sour rancid smell, instead of the usual rich shea butter scent! Bottles arrived with half-opened lids and some spillled products in box.
NCFD Nashville, TN
Age Group: 45-54Gender: FHair Color: brunetteHair Type: chemically treated
Pros: pleasant fragrance, daily use, not heavy Cons: pricey
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Really Like - 4/29/2013 3:21:55 PM Even though a bit pricey I really like both the Rahue shampoo and conditioner. I have neck length colored hair with highlights. The conditioner leaves hair soft and gives it body. One suggestion don't use shampoo without conditioner. Shampoo alone left hair in tangles. I also use conditioner with other favorite shampoos. I will buy again but with 20% sale.
LAM88 oklahoma, ok
Age Group: Under 25Gender: FHair Color: brunetteHair Type: dry
Pros: maintains hair color, daily use, add shine, light weight oil, make hair sleeky, give volume
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
the best oil i ever used - 3/12/2013 9:08:53 AM so i purchase this oil a month ago, since the first time i started using the oil my hair has been nothing but wonderful. i have kinky curly so my hair get dry easy and ofter need lots of moisturizer.this oil give made like new ago,my hair shine,had body, bounce,and it kept my hair frizz -free all day. even made my hair sleeky and soft, which is hard to do becasue i have fine hair.i also seen some hair growth while using this oil. Im definifity going to repuchase this oil again.
gags west coast FL
Age Group: 45-54Gender: FHair Color: blondeHair Type: chemically treated
Pros: eco-friendly Cons: weighs hair down, hair texture
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Amazing, it's NOT - 1/3/2013 10:29:29 AM Don't believe these products held up to its claims-- nourishes scalp and hair, nor aromatherapeutic. Hair texture felt drier after using for 2 weeks.
Pros: soft hair, shiny hair, lasts through at least two shampoos Cons: unpleasant fragrance, does not smooth hair very well
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
I like it - 11/17/2012 9:03:45 PM This product makes my hair shinier than anything I have ever used, and also makes it quite soft. Having said that, if you are looking for a product to smooth and defrizz this is probably not the one. I am also not a fan of the smell.

Additional Info

Learn More About Rahua

The Rahua hair care collection that she founded contains generous doses of the oil, which is sourced through fair trade agreements with many South American tribes. When you use any of the products in the range, nourishing Rahua oil will deeply penetrate your hair, restoring moisture to the strands and revitalizing hair that has become brittle or dull. The brand produces shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products, everything that you need to care for your hair on a daily basis. Unlock your hair's true potential with Rahua, the beauty secret of the Quechua-Shuar.

A variety of factors can influence the health of your hair. From chemical treatments and heat-styling products to environmental elements, many potentially damaging factors exist. Finding hair care solutions that resolve these issues and create nourished, beautiful hair is essential. The Rahua brand, which features products that use the ingredient by the same name, allow you to create healthier and more beautiful hair in a natural, non-damaging way. The company has built its product line around this ingredient, which has a history of proven effectiveness. The Rahua brand strives to establish an earth-friendly and sustainable business, one that partners with women in Amazonian nations that include Waorani, Achuar, Quichua, Quechua, and Shuar. The company honors the sanctity of the Amazon rainforest and strives to respect the environment while creating highly effective hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and finishing treatments.

Rahua products have been celebrated by noted stylists across the country, and they can be found in many salons nationwide. Even more, Rahua products have been buzzed about in national publications such as Allure, Vogue, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, and Vanity Fair. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of Rahua's hair care products thanks to simple ordering and delivery from SkinStore. When you invest in these products, you enjoy superior results--your hair will appear cleaner, better moisturized, and more lustrous and vibrant. And, you can honor and celebrate the beauty of the rainforest--and the women who call it home--when you add these products to your hair care routine.

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