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RoC Cleansers

Your face is your most expressive aspect, a palette for communication verbal and otherwise. It’s also mighty hard-working. It draws and delivers gazes, displays emotion, and bravely sets your course day in and day out. All those smiles, tears, guffaws, and glowers over the years seem to eventually leave permanent evidence—a crease here, a wrinkle there. Meanwhile, you have natural oils, harsh dirt particles, blazing sun, and all manner of other elements impacting your complexion. Broken blood vessels, blotchy skin, deep-set lines, and all the other features a face accumulates across a lifespan are part of the cost of doing business in the world. RoC Cleansers are designed to mitigate these effects, restoring a freshened glow to your face and the happy confidence that comes with it.

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These disks cleanse and exfoliate in one simple step.
28 ct | JO137

Additional RoC Cleansers Information

RoC Cleansers work with gentle effectiveness; they aren’t overly abrasive or irritating, as some other cleansers too often are. They feature blends of ingredients designed to remove impurities and foster healthy epidermal process, like citric acid, which works deeply to trigger the growth and thickness of new skin cells. Incorporate RoC Cleansers into your daily skincare pattern and you’ll give yourself a regular, restorative blend of cleaning and exfoliation—and your hard-working, elastic, and unmistakably unique face will thank you for it.

Using a gentle but effective cleanser is one of the key routines for maintaining a clear, healthy, fresh-looking face. RoC Cleansers deliver a distinct treatment that is as relaxing and soothing as it is deep-cleaning and full-bodied. Straightforward to use, they can transform your skin, leaving it softer and glossier than ever before.

Regular application of RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks is a major step toward that youthful, refreshed sheen so many strive for. The disks are self-foaming and harbor special skin-conditioning cleansers. On one side, they have a textured surface for gentle removal of the oils, dirt, and other particles and substances that might roughen your complexion. The other side is smooth and soft, useful for attending to the tender areas around the eye, removing makeup and generally cleaning.

Such action can render wrinkles, creases, and large pores less perceptible, bolster the texture of your face, and even its tone. RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks can also reduce the visibility of photo-aging effects—the varied dermatological changes that naturally occur from years of exposure to ultraviolet radiation. In other words, those pleasant massages deliver a full-service treatment.

RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks are easy to use, and their gentle nature makes them a fine component of daily care. To generate the lather, you simply rub the disk against wet skin. Use the smooth aspect of the disk to soothingly cleanse the entire face; for deeper exfoliation away from delicate areas, employ the textured side. After cleansing and exfoliation, rinse off your face and throw away the disk.

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