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Rodial Firming and Cellulite

The fat layers below the skin (the subcutaneous fat) build up because of inheritance factors, diet and with changes in body tissues caused by age. Rodial Firming and Cellulite Products use traditional botanical extracts and modern laboratory-developed ingredients to stimulate, fortify and restructure your body tissues to flatter your appearance. Targeting specific areas of the body through topical application (that is, massaging the ingredients in the cream into the skin), the active ingredients in Rodial Firming and Cellulite Products help pull the fluids out from the spaces between the fat cells and induce lipolysis. This occurs through the activation of fat-consuming beta receptors, which cause the body to burn the fat as cellular energy by boosting fat oxidation.

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Additional Rodial Firming and Cellulite Information

Vasodialation, the increase in blood flow, can also be encouraged by Rodial Firming and Cellulite Products in very localized areas to also burn fat. While the contours of the subcutaneous fat layers are affected, Rodial Firming and Cellulite Products conditions the skin to encourage the growth of healthy skin cells and restore and renew the elasticity of skin to prevent sagging and wrinkling.

The subcutaneous layers of fat can be manipulated through the application of carefully formulated Rodial Firming and Cellulite Products. Using natural botanical extracts and modern scientifically designed ingredients, the body’s natural fat-storing and fat-burning mechanisms can be tuned to help you sculpt specific areas without surgery.

Normally occurring lipid cells in a woman’s bosom can be “blocked” into place and encouraged to increase cup size. The production of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase is promoted by Rodial Boob Job to increase storage of these cells. As the bust size increases, the skin is firmed and restructured to provide a smooth, healthy look.

In other areas, where these deposits are unwanted, Rodial Chin and Neck Lift activate fat-burning beta receptors so the body naturally burns off the fat layer. Meanwhile, skin cell regeneration is encouraged and the skin layers are moisturized to smooth out creases and wrinkles.

In the stomach area, Rodial Tummy Tuck uses caffeine, pomegranate extract and ficin (derived from the fig plant) to induce lipolysis, the natural fat-burning process in the body. These same ingredients, along with the natural marine extract from Gelidium cartilagineum in Rodial Body Sculpture fight water retention in the fatty cells as it dissolves them naturally from such problem areas as hips, thighs, buttocks and arms. Meanwhile, the wheat protein regenerates and nourishes skin cells, leaving you with a smooth, fine-pored and healthy looking skin. All the products in the Rodial Firming and Cellulite Products line allow you to sculpt and shape your body to its most flattering form.

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