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In the rush of a busy day, isn’t it time to make time for some in-depth skin care? Take a few minutes to spend some quality time with Rodial Masks Products. Allow the carefully formulated ingredients in these skin care treatments time to rest on your skin and absorb the full benefits of their abilities. Some of the special ingredients can provide wonderful results, if they are just give a little time to gently soak into your skin tissues, react with the cells and fibers and impart their gifts.

The beauty of Rodial Masks Products is that they also allow you the opportunity to just sit, relax and soak in that special beauty ingredient: A relaxed and improved mood. Your schedule or your budget may not allow you to spend a weekend at a spa, but you can create a spa-like time for yourself, in your very own home with Rodial Masks Products. With the range of choices, you can also decide which mask to use to treat a particular skin challenge or to reach a special beauty goal you have set for yourself.

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Take a few minutes off and give yourself the gift of a relaxing spa experience at home with Rodial Masks Products. While the formulated ingredients in these masks provide their benefits to your skin, revel in some time just for yourself – and your skin’s beauty.

Don’t worry: No dragons were harmed in the making of this mask. Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask is wonderfully kind to your skin, with the moisturizing effects of hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is naturally found in human skin, but the extra boost this masks provides helps to attract and retain hydration into the skin tissues, while it helps skin maintain its natural elasticity. The results are smoother, softer skin, with a decreased appearance of wrinkles as the skin cells plump up with moisture. Use it as a ten-minute treatment, or leave it on overnight for a deep moisturizing indulgence.

Some wrinkle treatments use actual viper venom, but you don’t have to go all Cleopatra to achieve the same results: Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum Mask uses licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) root extract, pomegranate and water lily (Nymphea alba) flower along with refined fine kaolin clay. After 15 to 20 minutes of wonderful relaxation, simply peel off to see expression lines relaxed, skin tones corrected and imperfections faded. It also provides antioxidants while moisturizing your skin.

Even if you only have a few minutes, there’s still time for Rodial 5 Minute Facial, a kaolin peeling mask packed with active ingredients to gently exfoliate, absorb impurities and reduce pores.

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