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Rodial Moisturizers

To moisturize skin, you need to do more than just add water. Skin cells have to be prepared to absorb and retain the moisture in order to be healthy. The ingredients in Rodial Moisturizers help penetrate the lipid cells and enable them to accept the emollients, while strengthening the cell barriers so they don’t immediately lose the goodness of the botanical oils that Rodial Moisturizers provide. Properly moisturized, the cells smooth out the tiny wrinkles and imperfections, giving a healthy appearance to the skin.

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Rodial Moisturizers Products

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A lightweight daily moisturizer with SPF 30 formulated to target fine lines and improve skin elasticity.
1.7 oz | RD148
Protect, pump and brighten with this multi-function moisturizer.
1.7 oz | RD073
This advanced formula moisturizer revitalizes and renews the skin leaving it looking more vibrant and youthful.
1.69 oz | RD093
An overnight skin perfecting moisturizer that targets all visible signs of aging.
1.7 oz | RD101
Moisturizer which offers broad spectrum protection and combats visible signs of aging.
1.69 oz | RD119
A super-intensive, anti-aging, multi-purpose nourishing balm.
1.35 oz | RD106
An intensely nourishing hand cream with advanced stem cell technology.
1.35 oz | RD109
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Additional Rodial Moisturizers Information

As truly effective treatments, Rodial Moisturizers also provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients to reduce the effects of extreme temperatures, dry air, harsh winds, UV radiation and the dirt and pollutants that skin picks up from the environment. Rodial Moisturizers go further to maintain the natural elasticity of skin, keeping that youthful look you want. Healthy, moisturized skin is easier to maintain and is less prone to breakouts, irritation and other common issues. A combination of natural, effective botanical extracts and scientifically developed ingredients in Rodial Moisturizers provide the skin with what it needs to look and feel healthy.

You can achieve and maintain smooth, firm skin with the help of Rodial Moisturizers. The carefully balanced ingredients prepare the skin’s cells to accept and retain the moisture provided by the emollients in Rodial SPF 18 Glamtox, while also promoting skin health. A formulation of hyaluric acid helps the skin cells maintain and attract moisture, while maintaining a natural elasticity. This gives your skin a youthful firmness, while the cells plump up with moisture to overcome the fine lines and wrinkles. The naturally derived stearic acid penetrates the subcutaneous lipid cells, carrying with it the pomegranate extract to promote procollagen synthesis. This promotes the regeneration of skin cells, keeping your tissues young and healthy. Shea butter, prepared from the ripe nuts of the karite tree of West Africa, and used for generations by villagers as an emollient, add a natural glow to your skin.

Even properly hydrated skin needs protection, though. The suite of special botanical extracts in Rodial SPF 18 Glamtox is carefully chosen to provide a range of elements to guard against a range of environmental dangers. The pomegranate extract not only promotes new cell growth, but helps protect from the effects of harsh UV rays. Even myrrh, the precious processed resin of the Commiphora myrrha tree, has been added to provide antioxidant protection. Grapefruit peel oil helps maintain the proper pH level of the skin, while caprylic acid acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Used daily, Rodial SPF 18 Glamtox can promote smooth, firm, healthy and well-protected skin.

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