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Rodial Stretch Marks

Don’t just accept stretch marks, fight them before they even begin to appear! Reduce the formation of new stretch marks with the use of Rodial Stretch Marks, a skin treatment that combats the very source of stretch marks. The causes of stretch marks have been known for years: As skin expands because of weight change, pregnancy or hormonal changes, the collagen in the dermis (the middle layer of skin) stretches so that skin elasticity begins to break down. Inflammation, raised lines and eventually scarring and discoloration take place, creating disfiguring stretch marks.

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Additional Rodial Stretch Marks Information

The Rodial Stretch Marks treatment fights the creation of new stretch marks by maintaining high levels of collagen, strengthening the layer that is stressed by the expansion of skin. Rodial Stretch Marks also keeps the skin toned and firm, while encouraging the production of new, healthy skin cells. Fighting the creation of stretch marks on all fronts, the Rodial Stretch Marks skin treatment puts up natural defenses against the very cause of those unsightly lines, holding them back with all of the tools available to modern skin care.

When the skin is strongly stretched through weight gain or profound edema (the retention of liquid in the body tissues), especially during the changes in the body created by pregnancy, the middle layer of the skin called the dermis is put under great strain. The dermis is where most of the collagen in the human body is stored; if the collagen is not stored at high enough levels, it can literally be pulled apart and begin to tear. This is how Rodial Stretch Marks skin care works, to maintain a high level of strong collagen and keeping the skin firm and toned.

The use of Rodial Stretch MX, an effective stretch mark-fighting cream, adds the botanical extracts to help stop the problem before it happens. What helps collagen increase? Vitamin C and vitamin E are vital to the production and maintenance of collagen.

The removal of dead skin cells, through exfoliation, also triggers the production of new collagen. Rodial Stretch MX contains the extract of bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), which contains anthocyanosides. This is a powerful compound which protects collagen structure, helping the collagen layer to resist the stress of being stretched. Extracts of wheat germ, orange and lemon are all great sources of vitamins C and E, both of which regenerate and maintain collagen. The exfoliation of skin is encouraged by the addition of extracts of sugar cane and sugar maple, while galactoarabinan and extracts of horehound (Marrubium vulgare) and pomegranate fruit are used to firm and tone the skin.

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