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There are few skin issues more aggravating than acne breakouts. They occur at the worst possible times, resist treatment and last, seemingly, forever. The formulas of SAMPAR Acne Treatment Products are designed to help reduce the signs, longevity and even the causes of breakouts, to provide you with therapies that can make a difference. While there is no “magic wand” to make acne breakouts cease to exist, SAMPAR Acne Treatment Products can help make them less disruptive to your life.

Although there is a type of skin that is recognized as blemish-prone, the reality is that any skin type has the potential to experience a breakout. SAMPAR Acne Treatment Products help all skin reduce the conditions under which blemishes can occur and, if a breakout does happen, provide treatments formulated to reduce their severity and endurance. Keeping the skin, particularly the pores, clear of the conditions favorable to acne is one task. When breakouts do flare up, these treatments can help soothe the skin and reduce signs of irritation, swelling and redness. After breakouts, treatments should encourage the process of healing blemishes.

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Managing a breakout takes perseverance, attention to detail and a firm determination to control events. SAMPAR Acne Treatment Products are there to help. Trying to cover up the signs of a breakout and hoping that it will go away will not improve the condition (in fact, it may make it worse); you need to take control of the condition. In addition to cleansing the skin of excess oils and other deposits, fighting the bacterial infection and healing the blemishes, you can help your skin renew itself by encouraging its own natural system of cell turnover.

The slim roll-on applicator of SAMPAR Prodigal Pen Blemish Corrector contains an exclusive formula of eight botanical oils that provide soothing and healing properties for helping with acneic blemishes. Including lavender, thyme, rosemary, Chinese cinnamon (Cinnamonum cassia bark), savory (Satureia hortensis), sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana), and clove and sage oils, these ingredients soothe skin irritation on contact, while they help to treat and reduce the appearance of blemishes. These oils also work as antibacterial agents, helping to fight Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermis. This combination of oils seems so simple, but their qualities have been carefully balanced to provide an effective treatment for many of the causes, appearance and symptoms of soreness of acne breakouts. The applicator is easy to carry in your purse or pocket, ready for a touchup throughout the day or the evening. Not surprisingly, this pen is also said to be effective for helping with the treatment of many insect bites, shaving “razor bumps” and other blemishes.

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