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SAMPAR City of Light

The skin is delicate, and as such, it requires specialized beauty products to keep it hydrated, moisturized, cleansed, toned, protected, and healthy. This statement becomes even truer as people age, and their skin begins to lose not only its dermal vitality, but also its radiant beauty. The sun and the aging process create darkened spots upon the skin. No matter what name you use to identify these spots (liver spots, age spots, dark spots, or skin discolorations), the truth of the matter is that they take away from the natural beauty of your skin, leaving you disgruntled and possibly embarrassed. Rather than suffer with the ugly appearance of darkened areas of skin, take advantage of the lightening effect of SAMPAR City of Light products.

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Additional SAMPAR City of Light Information

Enhanced with a 10% concentration of nano-encapsulated citrus bioflavonoids, each SAMPAR City of Light formula offers a brightening effect for the appearance of pigment spots that commonly occur on the skin of the hands, face, and neckline. The formulas of the SAMPAR City of Light products offer positive results that are visibly noticeable within a month’s time.

As your skin begins to show the visible signs of aging that include dark circles and age spots, you should begin your search for products that can renew your skin’s radiance by tackling its production of melanin. Each SAMPAR City of Light product has been designed to address the age-old problem of skin discoloration with a successful brightening action.

Offering an easy way to target pigmentation spots, SAMPAR Spot Lighter features the convenience of a treatment delivered by a streamlined pen with an angled applicator. Containing 10% citrus bioflavonoids, this pigment treatment provides a powerful clarifying action that lightens the appearance of pigment spots found on the neckline, face, and hands. The Spot Lighter has been infused with the natural goodness of Shea butter extract, milk sugar extract, and mint leaf extract. It is easy to use and convenient to carry.

If you are beginning to see troubling signs of age spots on your neckline and face, then you may want to target them with the anti-aging treatment of SAMPAR Serum Luminescent. Containing a 10% concentration of nano-encapsulated citrus bioflavonoids, this treatment assists in the creation of a more even complexion as it visibly brightens skin and delivers renewed clarity. Studies have shown that visible results are apparent after only thirty days of consistent use of this brightening solution. Pigmentation due to aging skin, UV exposure, and hormonal changes is noticeably reduced, and dark circles beneath the eyes appear lighter. This non-irritating solution also provides protection against the damage that pollution can inflict upon the skin.

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