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Since 1984, women from around the world have visited the Institut Samuel Par to receive help for problematic complexions. The founder of the spa, Patrick Sounigo, is well-known for his ability to use the latest in dermatological research to develop pampering therapies to address skin care concerns that are often difficult to address, particularly blemishes. Dedicated to helping women who cannot make the trip to his spa obtain clear, radiant complexions, Sounigo has created the SAMPAR Pure Perfection Products collection designed to recreate his signature breakout solutions.

Each time you use one of the SAMPAR Pure Perfection Products, you'll treat your complexion to highly effective, gentle formulas that address the many causes of breaouts. The formulas help to regulate oil production while removing debris from the pores to prevent blockages. By eliminating bacteria as they purify the complexion, the anti-blemish formulas also decrease the likelihood of the skin infections that give rise to breakouts. Because of their unique formulations, the SAMPAR Pure Perfection Products are able to reduce the frequency of breakouts without irritating or dehydrating the skin.

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A clearer, healthier complexion is yours to discover when you use SAMPAR Pure Perfection Products every day.

The SAMPAR Prodigal Pen Blemish Corrector is a spot treatment designed to hasten the healing of blemishes. The simple-to-use pen allows you to control how much product you apply to existing pimples and to address even tiny blemishes with ease.

Instead of harsh medicinal ingredients, the SAMPAR Prodigal Pen Blemish Corrector is made from a blend of eight essential oils: cinnamon, lavender, savory, thyme, oregano, rosemary and cloves. These herbal extracts have the ability to slow down oil production, decreasing the amount of sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands. As a result, the skin is less oily, and the pores are less likely to become clogged. The essential oils are also naturally antibacterial, allowing the formula to reduce the bacteria that contributes to the formation of blemishes. In addition, the ingredients reduce inflammation, making breakouts less noticeable while they heal.

The SAMPAR Prodigal Pen Blemish Corrector can be combined with any skin care regimen. For best results, the pen should be used four to five times per day for as long as blemishes persist. When used with other skin care formulas, the pen should be applied after cleansing and moisturizing.

In addition to serving as a highly effective anti-blemish formula, the SAMPAR Prodigal Pen Blemish Corrector can be used to soothe symptoms of razor burn. The essential oils contained in the formula also alleviate itching associated with insect bites.

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