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Serious Skincare Tools

The Serious Skincare Tools range features products that recreate some of the most advanced and sophisticated treatments found in spas. Designed to be safe for home use and as simple to operate as possible, Serious Skincare Tools take anti-aging skin care to the next level and can help women who have reached plateaus with their topical treatments see results again. Shop the Serious Skincare Tools to boost your daily regimen!

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Additional Serious Skincare Tools Information

Improvements in technology and advances in skin care technology have led to the development of new secret weapons in the fight against signs of aging. The Serious Skincare Tools collection brings at-home versions of some of the state-of-the-art equipment now used at luxury spas and in the offices of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. With these tools, you can maximize the effectiveness of your daily regimen and reveal more youthful skin without having to leave home.

Microcurrent therapy is one of the newest innovations in skin care. Through the use of mild electrical stimulation, this therapy encourages the generation of new tissue proteins like elastin and collagen. Over time, the increased levels of these proteins result in firmer, tighter skin. In addition, the electrical current causes tiny contractions that strengthen the underlying musculature that supports the skin tissue, further enhancing firmness.

With the Serious Skincare The Egg Microcurrent and Facial Toning System with Bonus you can easily receive the benefits of microcurrent stimulation. Designed for daily use, this device includes two hand-held, egg-shaped probes that are gently pressed to the skin. When the system is engaged, the probes deliver current to the tissue, delivering painless stimulation.

In addition to the tool, the Serious Skincare The Egg Microcurrent and Facial Toning System with Bonus contains topical products that work with the system to maximize results. The Serious Skincare Conductive Gel assists with the conduction of electrical impulses through the skin tissue, ensuring that the stimulator is able to deliver current to the lower levels of skin. Also included with the system are the Reverse Lift Firming Pads, which improve the tone of the skin through a blend of cosmeceutical and natural ingredients.

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