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Scar Treatments reviews

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Olivia N
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Not effective -4/20/2006 11:11:43 PM I used this for four months and the scar was only slightly lighter and the area of keloid had no improvement or flattening.
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doesnt work -3/13/2006 5:42:48 AM i used this for some acne scars and i've been using it for 3 months. all it did was make them more red and irritated. i would never recommend anyone to waste 20 bucks on this.
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did NOT work!! -2/21/2006 4:20:59 PM I used this stuff exactly as directed, right after getting a cut on my face that healed enough to use this on it. Months later, it did absolutly nothing! I paid full price in the drug store, which was a waste of a lot of money that did not heal my scar.
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Average -2/14/2006 12:16:58 PM I've used this on an one-inch scar left after I got my stitches removed. It's been 9 weeks since I started using it and my scar is still present. It is lighter in color and a little bit smoother, but it hasn't disappeared. I will still continue using it though.
i hate acne scars
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didnt work on me -1/18/2006 10:24:36 PM i use 3 tubes of this and didnt seem like it works...i guess im gonna have to look for something else...sigh..
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just started! -1/16/2006 1:00:21 PM i have been using merderma for 2 days on my facial scarring and i will let you know how i get on, i dont believe it smells like onions, i think it has a pleasent smell.
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so far so good -10/5/2005 8:08:54 PM I just had a beautiful baby girl 3 month ago. Unfortunately she left me with ugly stretch marks all over my stomach, legs and hips. I used everything I could to prevent them from coming but I think I gained too much weight during my pregnancy. I have been using Mederma to get rid of them for about a month now and they do seem to be fading. I still need to loose some of the weight I gained, so I think I will be able to tell better in about a month. But so far I am pleased with the product and will update my satisfaction in the future.
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Highly Recommended -8/29/2005 4:53:22 PM I have tried literally hundreds of products from mederma to black opal to try and minimize an unsightly scar on my face and a few blemishes, however those other products take 3 to 4 weeks before one notices any results or once you run out or stop using them, the area where one used the product gets darker, even while using SPF 15 or 30. Not wanting to pay $30 + dollars for scarguard I had nothing to lose. I tried it out and in a matter of one week I noticed a dramatic difference with no reoccuring dark spots. Your skin ACTUALLY sheds off in layers lifting the dark spots out. I would recommend this product for anyone of any skin type. P.S. As for the scar on my face, you can hardly tell that it's there.
oyebisi k
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i love u mederma -8/20/2005 9:37:08 AM i have a big scar on my forehead between my 2 eyes for about 2yrs now. each time i want to go to parties i have to wear a weave to cover this scar .. i used mederma on it and it's really can not see it at all ... i have told everybody about this product i even use it for my keloid scars and its reducing i can see my skin peeling little by little. i also use it for my son who is 21/2 yrs old ..what i love about it is that anybody can use it it.i just want to everyone to knowthis product really works i rate it 100% ..i order mederma frequently and i will always order it again. mederma you rock!!!!!!! thanks for building my confidence back.
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It worked for me! -6/8/2005 5:25:02 AM I got a cut on my forehead that was very visible! After using it for about 3 months it's all gone! I really recommend Mederma (but you have to use it everyday!)
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