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Scar Treatments reviews

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Jo Anne
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smells like onions -7/5/2004 6:54:50 AM Mederma has onion extract in it and smells like onions!!
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Not Recommended -6/22/2004 6:54:08 PM unpleasant smell, does not feel good on the skin, must be applied multiple times a day and did nothing for me
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Mederma WORKS!! -6/22/2004 5:04:37 AM I had plastic Surgery & Loved the results. but hated the scars it left me with! My doctor suggested Mederma, My scars were BRIGHT RED & RAISED, now you can bearly see them at all & they are now flat & part of the rest of my skin! I am now trying it on my leg where I got burnt, so far it looks somewhat better & Ive only used it for a few days!
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Great -6/7/2004 3:16:58 PM Mederma works great!!! Definitly recomended!!!
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6 yr. old scar fading after only a month!! -6/2/2004 5:40:27 AM I have a scar the size of a quarter that is red, raised, and lumpy from a surgery about 6 years ago. I have very fair, thin, keloid producing skin. This is the first product I used on my scar and I am already very happy with the results. I applied it generously 3 times a day for about a month now. Both the reddness and "puffiness" has subsided to my satisfaction. The circumference of the scar is also smaller now. It was itchy at times but nothing unbearable. I didn't have much hope being that my scar is many years old, but with a little patience I think that my scar will eventually be gone! I will be using it until my 3pack runs out but my scar might be gone before my tube runs out!(One 50gram tube really lasts for 3 months or more! but I use it excessively) I just wanted to share my experience to give hope to those who might be doubtful. It does take patience, but in only a month even my scar of 6 yrs. is diminishing! I regret not using this product sooner. The price is also great considering how long the product lasts. I do reccomend it those who have older scars and even more so to those with recent scars- imagine how much faster your scars will subside! Just remember to use it religiously...
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Worked okay -5/23/2004 10:50:58 AM It helped a raised scar look smaller and feel smoother but I expected more very expensive and lesser drug store brand worked just the same. Product began to peel and smell funny after USe
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perfect after surgery!! -5/20/2004 3:54:21 PM I had breast reduction surgery on 2/06/04 -- there was some significant cutting done! Today is 5/20/04, and the scars are barely visible. I'm placing another order today to see if I can get rid of the scarring entirely. It's beyond what I'd hoped for!!
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It didn't work for me -5/3/2004 9:56:17 PM I have scars all over my body, like small bumps or keloids from an allergic reaction that kept me up and scratching. Mederma is too expensive & did not work for me. It dried my skin & made it itch even more. I tried it for 3 months. No change in scar appearance. I do not believe it works for keloids as it claims.
C santiago
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did not work -4/29/2004 6:40:53 AM Iused merderma for 2 months and there has not been any change in my appearance I think it is to expensive for it not to work.
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MEDERMA WORKS!! -4/22/2004 11:02:40 PM I was in a car accident had a huge red scar on the side of my face. MEDERMA SAVED MY SOCIAL LIFE! It totally took the redness out and know my scar is flesh colored. I recomend Mederma to anyone, it works awesome. You wont see results right away, give it at least 4-5 weeks. Trust me, you wont regret it.
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