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Exfoliators and Peels reviews

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Awesome -12/15/2008 8:12:21 AM Awesome stuff! This product takes your dead skin right off and leaves you with fresh silky smooth skin. I love it!
Amy B., Hoboken NJ
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LOVED IT and i's fun! -5/23/2008 12:09:34 PM I stumbled across this product years ago thanks to a salesgirl who cheerily recommended it. It is AMAZING for dry skin and someone like me who doesn't really wear foundation. It rubs the dead skin off almost immediately! Thank you sales girl, wherever you are~!!!
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TOTALLY AWESOME -6/23/2007 6:45:57 AM I love this!It does what all other exfoliaters and high dollar products claim to do.It actually takes off all the dead skin that makes your skin dull and cloggs your pores,and it does it in an instant. Pronto! It is very gentle and I have sensitive skin. This is a great alternative to aha's and other harsh products such as microdermabrasion.The active ingredient is citric acid and man it works! I used on my "chicken skin" bumps on my arms and it greatly improved that after one use.I hope they never top selling this.I am hooked.The best part is no more dry flaky patches that look horrible when I put my makeup on.Now my foundation glides on and looks terrific.My skin will never be perfect but this is probally as close as I will ever get.I save what's left in the packet to use elsewhere even though they say to discard.It is too pricey to do that.I will order again as long as it continues to work the way it does now.
j park
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finally found it again! -4/26/2007 6:11:51 AM i became hooked on this when i could only find it in bliss... then i went for 6 months without it, and frantically searched for it (it changed names slightly). thank GOODNESS for skinstore -- i use this twice a week in the shower, have oily skin and large pores, and NOTHING (including facials, honestly) makes my skin feel so great and clean! i never want to be without it again!
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Amazing!! -2/15/2007 4:48:21 AM I tried every kind of peel out there and this is the best one, I don't mind spending more on my skincare products but I want to see the results and this peel is great!!!
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heavenly -12/13/2006 9:19:28 AM This product gives actual results, what cannot be said about a lot of highy hyped cosmetics; skin is visibly younger, fresher, brighter, feels softer and silky to touch. One word of caution: don't overdo, or you hurt yourself. In the beginning I used it twice in two weeks and ended up feeling somewhat burned. The feeling went away within a day and ever since I make sure to wait minimum 2 -3 weeks before next application. Sensation of own skin literally rubbing off is quite fun. I tried some other, very pricey products, but none comes close to this one. And what a fortune that it can be found on the internet - it is no longer available in drugstores - and I must say that my experience buying from Skinstore was most pleasurable.
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Feel it -7/26/2006 7:54:50 AM Removes as you rub
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Best peel ever -11/16/2005 12:50:03 PM Only a use a bit and loads of dead skin comes off.
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unbelievable -7/20/2005 4:44:47 AM I have one of every home peel product you can imagine. If you want instant, I mean instant results in your bathroom, throw all of that other crap away and get a pack of this. I couldn't believe it. This stuff is so good you don't know whether to use it or save it, because it is so hard to find locally. Thank you internet.
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Love it! -11/1/2003 4:44:46 AM I was afraid it would leave my skin flaky but not. I leave your skin smooth and shiny soft.
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