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Oil/Shine Control

While a bright, shiny, youthful glow is certainly desirable, there is a point when shiny becomes “too much of a good thing.” A face that’s too shiny usually equates to an oily face. Sometimes caused by hot or humid weather and other times due simply to your (un)lucky genes, shininess is usually most prevalent in the T-zone. Not only are excess oils bad for your complexion, but they make it difficult to properly wear cosmetics, resulting in the dreaded trail of makeup running down your face. To help dissolve excess oils, try a routine that includes an oil-free cleanser and warm water, followed by a purifying or clarifying astringent, then a moisturizer or moisturizing foundation prior to applying your makeup.

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Additional Oil/Shine Control Information

For those pesky oils that seep through during the day, there’s nothing handier than a blotting sheet. Purse-size blotting packets are the perfect little helpers; these trusty picker-uppers will absorb excess oils without disturbing your makeup and are infused with fragrant ingredients like green tea, lavender, peppermint, vanilla, rose and orange. For an added bonus, they can also soothe, protect and freshen up your skin.

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