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Skin Care Tips 4

Tips, tricks, hints, or suggestions. No matter what they’re called, they help you get the most out of your favorite products. Here is a collection of our best tips.

Skin Care Tip #15

Start the New Year with Neutrogena

Need help with laying out your New Year's beauty resolution? Let Neutrogena pave the way to clean, exfoliated, bright, clear skin, gorgeous eyes and beautiful lips.

Cleanse your face well and take time to do an effective in-home peel such as Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Peel if you have dull aging skin, or Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel for acneic skin to clear up blemishes and discoloration and prevent future breakouts.

Next firm up the eye area and clear up any dark circles and/or puffiness. You want the eye to look well rested and bright. Try a multi-tasking eye cream such as Neutrogena Ageless Restorative Energy Renewal Eye Cream. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.

Top off your radiant skin with an amazing set of lips by using an effective lip product that not only smoothes the texture but boosts fullness as well as diminishes vertical lip lines. Try an all-in-one treatment such as Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Lip Rejuvenating Treatment SPF20.

Skin Care Tip #14

Look Like a Swan…Not a Turkey!

One of the most telltale signs of aging is an aging neck. However, you don't need to hide it behind a scarf or turtleneck and you don't need to go under the knife. Simply remember to take care of it when you're doing your daily skincare facial regimen. The neck is an extension of the face but for whatever reason we stop at the jaw line with our serums and creams we use on our face. The neck needs cleansing, exfoliation, massage (for increased blood flow), anti-aging treatments and hydration just like our face.

Try adding an anti-aging cream specifically made for your neck for even better results. The neck can take a stronger product than the delicate face. Look for one that tightens sagging skin as well as improves skin tone such as
Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D or StriVectin Neck Cream.

Skin Care Tip #13

Quick Relief for Mommy-To-Be!

One of the most common complaints women have during pregnancy is aching, swollen legs and a feeling of tightness in the calves. To reduce aches and edema as well as minimize or prevent varicose veins, try lying on your left side to increase circulation to and from your legs. Avoid standing or sitting with your feet crossed for extended periods of time.

Additionally, for quick relief from tired legs use Mustela Instant Comfort Legs. Your legs will feel refreshed, lighter and softer. And those swollen feet?

Try Belli Foot Relief Cream. The perfect antidote after a day of shopping for baby!

Note: As with any aches, pains and swelling during pregnancy, be sure to discuss with your physician.

Shop all Mustela and Belli Skin Care products for expectant mothers and after the bundle of joy arrives.

Skin Care Tip #12

Tried and True Skin Care

Have you ever noticed how the phrase "tried and true" fits into every facet of life? Whether it's exercise, toys or gadgets, people tend to go with what's been proven to work.

The same holds true with skin care products. Be sure when choosing your skincare regimen you select products that include "tried and true" ingredients such as: glycolic acid, vitamin c, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid, to name a few.

Consider trying SkinCeuticals This brand uses "tried and true," innovative ingredients to make your skin beautiful and luminous. Add SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture into your skincare regimen and see for yourself if this beauty tip isn't right on point!

Skin Care Tip #11

Perricone MD: New Science in a Jar

If you're sick and tired of spending a fortune on injections for crows feet and frown lines, try Perricone MD, the latest in skincare using cutting edge science.

Using a powerful antioxidant produced by own bodies, Perricone MD Acyl-Glutathione remarkably reduces the appearance of fine lines producing smoother, healthier, and more radiant skin.

Gently massage into areas with the deepest wrinkles first, then apply to the rest of the face.

Skin Care Tip #10

Routine + Simplicity = Skin Care Success

Be true to a skincare routine! You’ll see the difference when you’re consistent with a daily regimen. It’s easy to do when you keep it simple.

The basics to a regimen? Cleanse, tone and moisturize, once in the morning and again at night.

For optimum results, combine steps and use products with powerful, effective ingredients. Start with a top-notch cleanser that includes make-up remover and toner like Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare All In One Facial Cleanser with Toner followed by a top of the line 'all-in-one' moisturizer that contains anti-aging and cutting-edge cosmeceutical ingredients such as Z-Bigatti Restoration Cream.

Try this high impact, user-friendly, two-step regimen for gorgeous, 'peaches and cream' skin. Easy, fast and extremely effective!

Skin Care Tip #9

Here’s to Wedded Skincare Bliss!

A great way to save money is to find "two-fer" skin care products. Some examples include skincare cleansers with an exfoliator or toner built right in, like Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare All In One Facial Cleanser with Toner or Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare All in One Cleansing Foam, which exfoliates as it cleanses the body.

Another win-win skincare trick is the quick and easy one-step fusion of skin care moisturizers with a built-in sunscreen, like Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare All In One Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 Light.

But the mother of all skincare unions? The marriage of moisturizer with powerful skincare detoxifying properties such as Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hydra-Pure Intense Moisture Cream.

Skin Care Tip #8

Cold Soothes in the Morning

Cold Soothes in the Morning

To relieve puffy eyes, place your eye cream or serum in the refrigerator before bed. When you apply it in the morning, the cooling sensation of the skin care product will help reduce any puffiness.

We recommend either of these skincare products: Babor Sensational Eyes Gel or Strivectin SD Eye Cream — you'll look so rested, people will ask for your skincare secret!

Skin Care Tip #7

Skincare While You Sleep

Skincare While You Sleep - Heat Absorbs

Does your night cream end up on your pillow while you sleep? Try this—slightly heat the skin care product and then apply. The cream will penetrate better and stay on your face, not your pillow.

It’s easy:

  • Heat water in a small cooking pan on your stovetop.
  • Hold a spoonful of cream over the water for a few moments. Be careful not to burn your hand from the steam.
  • Apply the warm skin care product to your face.

Don’t heat the cream in a microwave—the intense heat can cause a change in the ingredient properties.

Sleep is the best time for renewal. For maximum results, use one of our skincare favorites, Z.Bigatti Re-Storation Good Night Facial Cream.

Skin Care Tip #6

StriVectin SD

Price + Length of Supply = Value

When considering a moisturizing cream for your anti-aging skincare regimen, you shouldn’t worry so much about price, but more about how long the skincare product will last.

An example of an excellent value is Strivectin SD, one of the leading anti-aging products on the market. This six-ounce tube can last approximately up to six months. Compare that to a "less expensive" product that contains as little as one ounce with an estimated 30-day supply.

When you do the math, the smaller, "less expensive" product could end up costing you double or triple the amount you would have paid if you originally purchased the more expensive skincare product. Shop wisely for the best value.

Skin Care Tip #5

Dry Heels But No Time for a Pedicure?

Dry Heels But No Time for a Pedicure? Try These Skin Care Tricks!

Have plans for an exciting evening but time is limited? No worries! Here’s a two-step skin care tip you’ll love.

Step 1: Exfoliate your feet while in the shower. Use one of your facial skincare exfoliators such as the raved about skincare product, Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion, which polishes the skin with magnesium oxide crystals.

Step 2: When you get out of the shower, instead of reaching for a normal skincare product for your feet like body lotion, use a softening and exfoliating pedicure product like MD Formulations Pedicreme or Bliss Foot Patrol.

Follow with a refreshing and moisturizing mist like Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care Hydra-Pure Smart Spray.

These fast-acting formulas are an instant pedicure in a bottle, and will leave your feet silky smooth the entire evening. So slip on those cute little strappy heels and enjoy yourself!

Skin Care Tip #4



We all know that exfoliators remove dead skin cells to make our skin appear softer, smoother and brighter. This skincare step also allows better penetration of the serums we use. 

But here's another, often forgotten reason they work so well – it's called circulation! While exfoliating takes cleansing a step further, it also increases the blood flow to the layers of the skin, which also speeds along cell renewal. It's a two-fer!

Check out Peter Thomas Roth's Botanical Buffing Beads or Peter Thomas Roth’s Anti-Aging Buffing Beads. Add exfoliation to your skincare regimen and reap the healthy benefits.

Skin Care Tip #3


Skin Care Tip - Whiten Your Teeth with a Strawberry!

Don’t get caught without your whitening toothpaste. But if you do, here’s an easy, temporary fix. Malic acid in strawberries combined with baking soda removes tooth discoloration such as red wine and coffee. Blend one crushed ripe strawberry with one-half teaspoon of baking soda to cleanse and brighten your teeth. Brush your teeth with the spread and leave on for five minutes.

Next, brush your teeth as usual with any toothpaste to remove residue. Then floss. Never be without a beautiful, youthful smile—use GoSMILE.

Skin Care Tip #2

Beautiful Elbows

Bright and beautiful elbows!

Here’s one of the best beauty tips ever! And, it’s one of the easiest and most effective. For brighter, whiter elbows, simply take a lemon cut in half and press both elbows into each half for about 5 to 10 minutes. Have a towel handy for any excess juice. Rinse and pat dry when done. Next, apply a smoothing and firming moisturizer - You’ll be amazed how clean and soft your elbows become.

Skin Care Tip #1


Skin Care Tip - Softer, smoother, younger looking hands in less than 30 seconds!

While exfoliating your face in the shower don't forget to rub some of the exfoliant on the back of the hands. It only takes an extra 10 seconds of shower time and you'll be amazed at the results once you dry off. Next, use your vitamin C or antioxidant facial serum right on the back of your hands. Follow with an emollient cream or lotion like Strivectin HC Hand Cream. In no time at all you'll notice smoother, younger looking skin!

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