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skin care tips

Skin Care Tip #99

A Youthful Gaze

Simplify your skin care routine by addressing multiple signs of aging around your eyes with the multifunction formula found in SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex. Developed specifically to meet the needs of mature skin, this nourishing eye treatment from SkinCeuticals immediately brightens and refreshes the eye area with light-diffusing particles. In as little as four weeks, its antioxidant complexes and peptides work to greatly diminish the look of dark circles and puffiness. In the weeks that follow, proxylane and blueberry extract help soften crow's feet and guard against further damage.

Skin Care Tip #98

Clear up and Prevent

Address existing blemishes while minimizing future breakouts with the simple-to-use formula found in La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. This acne treatment was tested by dermatologists at La Roche Posay to ensure that it was maximally effective yet gentle enough for most complexions. With 5.5 percent benzoyl peroxide, the treatment helps to remove clogs from the pores while exfoliating with .4 percent lactic acid to eliminate cellular debris that can cause future clogs. Oil and fragrance free, the formula also reduces redness while pimples heal.

Tips, tricks, hints, or suggestions. No matter what they’re called, they help you get the most out of your favorite products. Here is a collection of our best tips.

Skin Care Tip #97

Repair and Rejuvenate

Improve the effectiveness of your anti-aging skin care regimen by enhancing your body's natural ability to repair damaged tissue with the help of SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E. SkinCeuticals has formulated this revolutionary concentrate to assist with the cellular rejuvenation process that takes place while you sleep at night. Resveratrol, Baicalin and vitamin E work together to increase skin elasticity and soften fine lines. You can awaken to a more radiant complexion with every use and get the benefits of protection against environmental damage.

Skin Care Tip #96

Minerals for Skin Health

Start 2015 off by purifying and re-mineralizing your skin and make this year one marked by a healthier complexion with Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar. This facial cleansing bar treats your skin to the ancient beauty secret that has drawn visitors to the banks of the Dead Sea for centuries. Made from real Dead Sea mud, the luxurious soap from Erno Laszlo contains 26 minerals that are vital to skin health. With each use, you can liberate toxins from your pores, boost circulation and soften your complexion.

Skin Care Tip #95

Age is in the Details

It's never too early or too late to begin fighting back against the aging process. SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF is a serum that can help you address age spots and fine lines that have already developed on your complexion while promoting more youthful skin for years to come. The formula contains the breakthrough antioxidant Phloretin from SkinCeuticals, which has been clinically shown to neutralize free radicals while helping to rejuvenate damaged skin. Vitamin C and ferulic acid are also included to improve skin elasticity and correct uneven tone.

Skin Care Tip #94

Bring Back Brightness

If a hectic holiday schedule has you looking tired and worn out, you can take steps to brighten your eyes by applying Neocutis Lumiere Riche Bio-Restorative Eye Balm with PSP once or twice per day. This unique eye treatment from Neocutis can help reduce dark circles and under eye puffiness to leave you looking refreshed despite a hectic calendar. At the same time, the lightweight balm with proprietary PSP tackles signs of aging, softening fine lines and boosting skin elasticity to firm and tone the under eye skin.

Skin Care Tip #93

Build a Moisture Barrier

As we approach the season of dry winter weather, your moisturizer may no longer be doing enough to keep your complexion perfectly hydrated. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel can bolster the effects of your moisturizer and help you reduce the risk of seasonal dryness. Balanced for use on all types of complexions, this lightweight gel from SkinCeuticals contains hyaluronic acid to draw moisture deep within the skin tissue and keep the complexion's moisture barrier maintained. Vitamin B5 is added to condition and rejuvenate stressed, parched facial skin.

Skin Care Tip #92

Antioxidant Protection

Looking for a simple way to add antioxidant protection to your daily regimen? Just mix Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder into your moisturizer and you can instantly give it free radical-fighting super powers. Philosophy has developed the first ever 100 percent potency powdered vitamin C formula for topical use, making it easier than ever before to fight against the reactive particles that can contribute to various signs of aging. You can also add the powder to sunscreen for added UV protection.

Skin Care Tip #91

Softening The Edges

Wrinkling of the skin around the eyes and mouth and sagging along the jawline are signs of collagen loss, a process that occurs naturally with age. If you are experiencing these telltale signs of aging, SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter can help you effectively strengthen and support your skin to increase firmness and elasticity. This breakthrough formula from SkinCeuticals contains a complex that promotes the production of structural proteins while helping to maintain the skin's moisture barrier to keep mature skin well hydrated and plump.

Skin Care Tip #90

Get Ahead of Seasonal Dryness

With the air becoming drier with the arrival of fall, it's time to take steps to deeply hydrate your complexion in order to reduce the risk of seasonal dry skin symptoms. In just 20 minutes, Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Skin Vitality Mask can replenish moisture that has been lost due to environmental conditions. The formula leaves skin visibly hydrated, soothed of irritation and softer and smoother to the touch. The skin care experts at Erno Laszlo have balanced this formula to meet the needs of all skin types.

Skin Care Tip #89

Repair and Protect

If your skin has become discolored and wrinkled due to a whole summer's worth of sun exposure, you can rejuvenate your complexion this fall with SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF. After five years of research and development, SkinCeuticals has released this breakthrough antioxidant serum, which has the ability to stimulate cellular repair to address all types of photo damage. At the same time, the combination of vitamin C and ferulic acid provides protection from oxidative damage and other types of cellular damage that can prompt the appearance of wrinkles and skin discoloration.

Skin Care Tip #88

Vitamin C Super Powers

Faced with multiple skin care woes? Addressing skin discoloration, inflammation, lost elasticity and signs of aging doesn't have to be complicated. Just a few drops of Obagi Professional-C Serum 20% Strength applied to the complexion daily can lead to big improvements in the appearance and texture of your complexion. This remarkable vitamin C serum from Obagi is more stabilized than other vitamin C formulas on the market, making it better able to support collagen production, boost radiance and reduce inflammation. Plus, the formula provides ample antioxidant protection.

Skin Care Tip #87

Cooling, Corrective and Cosmeceutical

If your skin has begun to show signs of environmental stress due to fun in the summer sun, take a break and rejuvenate your complexion with Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask. This mask cools and calms the moment that it's applied, quenching the thirst of dehydrated tissue. Peter Thomas Roth has used the latest in cosmeceutical technology to isolate five rose stem cells for the formula. Together, the cells stimulate cellular repair to reduce the prominence of wrinkles and sagging skin while brightening the complexion.

Skin Care Tip #86

Taking Beauty Sleep Seriously

With the sun's rays at their highest intensity during the summer months, taking steps to protect your skin from UV-related oxidative damage is essential to maintaining a youthful complexion. SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E treats your skin to a potent blend of Resveratrol, Baicalin and Vitamin E. These antioxidants can help to improve your skin's natural ability to resist sun damage and repair weakened tissue while you sleep. In addition, this night treatment from SkinCeuticals nourishes and conditions, so that you can awaken to a brighter, more radiant complexion.

Skin Care Tip #85

Coverage Plus Protection

Hate the heavy feeling that comes from layering foundation with your sunscreen? SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50 will simplify sun care and leave your skin feeling fresh with its lightweight, mattifying formula. SkinCeuticals has added translucent color spheres to this unique formula, allowing it to correct irregularities in skin tone upon application. Suitable for all skin shades, the formula provides broad-spectrum protection using all-natural zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Plus, the sunscreen is enriched with Artemia Salina, a form of plankton that defends skin from environmental stress.

Skin Care Tip #84

Make the Night Work for You

A day in the summer sun can leave your skin parched, making fine lines and wrinkles more prominent. Erno Laszlo Phelityl Night Cream works to revive the complexion overnight, so that you can awaken to softer, smoother skin that appears more youthful and feels firmer to the touch. The formula contains a moisture complex developed by the late Dr. Erno Laszlo. With a pH that is nearly identical to that of the complexion, the complex from Erno Laszlo helps to repair the skin's natural moisture barrier for incredible results.

Skin Care Tip #83

Protected and Polished

When you're planning fun in the sun, packing your sunscreen is every bit as important as remembering your cooler! For lightweight, broad-spectrum protection, apply La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid 30 minutes before sun exposure. This award-winning sunscreen from La Roche Posay is quickly absorbed and leaves behind a matte finish. Antioxidants in the formula help to fight free radical damage while its five FDA-approved sunscreen ingredients provide ample protection from the UV rays that cause sunburn and increase your risk of skin cancer.

Skin Care Tip #82

Protecting You Now and Later

Looking for a way to simplify your skin care routine? Combine the moisturizing and sun protection steps of your daily regimen with Prevage Anti-Aging Moisture Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30 by Elizabeth Arden. The formula provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays and contains Idebenone, a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the skin damaging free radicals found in ultraviolet energy. At the same time, this moisturizing sunscreen from Elizabeth Arden deeply hydrates the skin with shea butter and glycerin to leave the complexion smoother, softer and more radiant.

Skin Care Tip #81

Spring Clean Your Pores

Dealing with signs of skin congestion like frequent blemishes and blackheads? Detoxify your skin and lift away dead skin cells that can infiltrate the pores by cleansing twice daily with Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar. Erno Laszlo uses a blend of 26 minerals derived from natural sea mud to formulate this bar that will deeply cleanse and purify your oily or combination skin every time you wash your face. The cleansing bar also helps to normalize oily production without over drying the complexion.

Skin Care Tip #80

Say Goodnight to Signs of Aging

Transform your nightly slumber into one of the most important parts of your skin care routine with SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E. Your body is designed to rejuvenate all of your tissue while you rest, and this unique formula from SkinCeuticals is designed to work with your body's natural repair processes to help restore elasticity and address signs of aging caused by oxidative damage. The formula also provides a potent dose of pure resveratrol, biacalin and vitamin E for anti-aging antioxidant protection during your waking hours.

Skin Care Tip #79

Soothing Cucumber

Still trying to recover from winter-related irritation? Soothe and cool your stressed skin and think thoughts of spring with Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Masque. Intended for daily use, this formula from Peter Thomas Roth uses aloe vera leaf, cucumber, chamomile and other natural ingredients to calm skin that is red, puffy, dry and itchy. The formula is so gentle that it can even be used in the under eye area to alleviate swelling and fluid retention or to address inflammation following clinical procedures like chemical peels and waxing.

Skin Care Tip #78

Drops of Dewy Moisture

If your regular moisturizer isn't doing enough to help you bounce back from winter-related dehydration, add SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel to your skin care routine. This oil-free gel uses hyaluronic acid to supplement moisture levels in the skin, increasing the effectiveness of your daily moisturizer. Easy to apply with the included dropper, this serum from SkinCeuticals is intended for use just before your moisturizer and promotes smoother, softer skin from the very first application. Plus, it is clinically proven to enhance the effectiveness of vitamin C-based skin care treatments.

Skin Care Tip #77

Serum with Super Powers

To combat the effects of the oxidative stress that causes your skin to wrinkle, combine multiple antioxidants in your skin care regimen. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic makes it easy to get the benefits of multiple free radical fighting nutrients by combining potent doses of vitamins C and E into one lightweight serum. This breakthrough formula from SkinCeuticals is perfect for layering under sunscreens to further fight the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. The nutrients also promote proper hydration and brighten the complexion, minimizing existing wrinkles and age spots.

Skin Care Tip #76

Pore Purge

If clogged or oversized pores on your forehead, nose or chin are plaguing your complexion, put some extra power in the cleansing step of your regimen. The Clarisonic Mia 2 Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution penetrates the pores to liberate clogs, cleaning 6 times more effectively than your hands or a washcloth. In clinical studies, this Clarisonic system for congested skin was shown to minimize the appearance of the pores by 25 percent after the very first use. The set includes a daily cleanser and a detoxifying clay mask.

Skin Care Tip #75

Youthful Dreams

Think a more youthful complexion is just a dream? Try Peter Thomas Roth UnWrinkle Night Cream, the luxurious night formula that works to restore the skin tissue while you're dreaming at night. For this formula, Peter Thomas Roth has brought together a host of ingredients with proven anti-aging power. Retinol stimulates cellular turnover to resurface areas marked by lines, while antioxidants rejuvenate damaged skin and help it resist the harmful effects of free radicals. Rich emollients are included to fight winter-related dehydration that leaves skin fragile and vulnerable.

Skin Care Tip #74

Daily Protection

Even though the sun is less intense in the winter months, daily protection against the free radicals found in ultraviolet energy is still essential to promoting youthful skin. Obagi Professional-C Serum 20% Strength uses vitamin C to shield the skin from oxidation while promoting collagen production to firm and tone and boosting recovery from previous damage. Because of the unique delivery system developed by Obagi, the serum absorbs more quickly for enhanced results. In addition, the formula contains a stabilized form of vitamin C for superior potency.

Skin Care Tip #73

Environmentally Correct

Sun protection is important even during the winter months, but you don't need to layer on a heavy sunscreen when you'll be outdoors. By combining a lightweight SPF moisturizer with SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, you can provide ample protection for your complexion. This antioxidant serum from SkinCeuticals is clinically shown to boost the skin's resistance to free radical damage by up to 800 percent and to help reduce the likelihood of the cellular damage caused by environmental factors. The serum is also effective at addressing discoloration and redness.

Skin Care Tip #72

Eye-Declare Super Cream

Need a quick fix for dark circles and puffiness around the eyes? Neocutis Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream helps to address multiple skin care concerns that are common to the eye area in order to have you looking refreshed and more youthful. In creating this formula, the skin care experts at Neocutis used an unprecedented level of PSP human growth hormones for stimulating the repair of tissue in the eye area. While the formula softens fine lines, it also assists with fluid retention and circulation to lessen swelling and dark discoloration.

Skin Care Tip #71

C is for Collagen

If you want the best possible results from your anti-aging skin care routine, add Obagi Professional-C Serum 20% Strength to your daily routine. Obagi has optimized antioxidant vitamin C, so the formula is as stable as possible. This makes the serum maximally effective at both breaking down free radicals that threaten the youthfulness of the complexion and stimulating collagen production to improve skin firmness and elasticity. Vitamin C is also clinically shown to brighten areas of skin discoloration and address chronic inflammation, making the serum a true anti-aging powerhouse.

Skin Care Tip #70

New and Improved

StriVectin has long been considered a leader in anti-aging skin care, and now, the top brand has reformulated their signature treatment to make it even more effective at reducing the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles. StriVectin SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles contains a peptide blend that is 4 times as effective as the original formula. In clinical trials, the concentrated cream was shown to produce visible improvements in the texture and appearance of the skin in as little as 2 to 8 weeks.

Skin Care Tip #69

Quench Your Skin

Dryness, signs of aging and dullness of the complexion could be indications that your skin is hungry or thirsty. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel helps you deeply nourish the tissue with vitamin B5, which is clinically shown to stimulate cellular repair. SkinCeuticals has also added hyaluronic acid to restore moisture to parched complexions. Ideal for all skin types, this oil-free gel is simple to apply and amplifies the effects of everyday moisturizers when used once or twice per day. It even helps to boost the efficacy of vitamin C treatments.

Skin Care Tip #68

A Single Solution

The effects of aging impact the skin in a multitude of ways, but you don't need separate formulas to address them all. SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum simultaneously acts on multiple signs of aging to simplify your skin care routine without sacrificing results. For this unique multitasking formula, SkinMedica developed a special two-chamber design. On one side is the powerful TNS Recovery Complex, which contains growth factor to stimulate cellular rejuvenation and promote firmer skin. The other chamber contains APS Corrective Complex, a breakthrough blend of antioxidants, skin brighteners and peptides.

Skin Care Tip #67

Multi-tasking Skin Care

The delicate eye area is susceptible to numerous skin care concerns. To address them all without complicating your beauty routine, use a multi-purpose eye formula like Topix All Trans Retinol Eye Repair Cream. This soothing cream includes retinol for smoothing fine lines, green tea for reducing inflammation and vitamin K and arnica for lightening dark circles. Plus, the formula contains a peptide blend created by the skin care experts at Topix. The proprietary complex promotes circulation to the under eye tissue while firming the entire area.

Skin Care Tip #66

Cutting Edge

Address uneven skin with the latest breakthrough science from StriVectin. Perfect for diminishing the appearance of fine lines, deeper wrinkles and stretch marks, StriVectin SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles is the newest innovation in skin care and is 4 times more effective than previous stretch mark and anti-aging formulas. When used twice per day, the all-over formula is clinically shown to make a visible improvement in the texture of tissue in just 2 to 8 weeks, and it contains moisturizers to nourish thirsty skin.

Skin Care Tip #65

Don’t Delay

Don't make the mistake of waiting until signs of damage develop to start taking good care of your complexion. Founded by a leading skin care scientist, the SkinCeuticals skin care collection emphasizes protection and prevention as much as correction to help you reduce the likelihood of damage. By applying SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic serum each day, you can fight the effects of scavenging free radicals with antioxidants. The formula offers 8 times the photoprotection of bare skin, greatly decreasing the likelihood of developing fine lines, wrinkles and age-related skin discoloration.

Skin Care Tip #64

Defensive Vitamin

Vitamin C doesn't just strengthen your body's defenses against illness and disease; it also shields your skin against reactive free radicals in the environment that contribute to signs of aging. Apply Obagi Professional-C Serum 20% Strength in the morning to get the full protective benefits of vitamin C. The nutrient also stimulates collagen production to firm sagging skin and brightens the complexion. Obagi uses an advanced delivery system for enhance absorption and better results for women of all ages, and it's never too late to begin fighting back against oxidation.

Skin Care Tip #63

Attack from every Angle

Signs of aging can take on multiple forms. Is your complexion showing multiple symptoms like fine lines around the mouth, sagging tissue along the décolletage and hyperpigmentation? Multiple signs of aging require a formula designed to address them all at once. Applying SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum every morning can help you simultaneously address all of your skin concerns. The serum is packed with antioxidants, peptides and the proprietary TNS Recovery Complex, a human growth factor created by the skin care experts at SkinMedica.

Skin Care Tip #62

Keep it Simple

Looking for a way to simplify your skin care routine this summer? Philosophy has the perfect solution--a multipurpose formula that combines the best features of a makeup remover, a cleanser and a toner. Despite its gentle formulation, Philosophy Purity Made Simple enters the pores, liberating blockages caused by built-up dirt, sebum and cellular debris. The silky formula also dissolves even waterproof makeup pigments, while subtly adjusting the pH of your skin tissue. You'll love the simplicity of this cleanser when you return home late from a night of summer fun.

Skin Care Tip #61

Breakthrough Technology

Have you ever heard of PSP? Processed Skin Cell Proteins are unique to Neocutis and demonstrate a breakthrough in anti-aging technology. Neocutis Bio-Restorative Serum with PSP combines its proprietary PSP formula with other highly effective anti-aging ingredients in order to firm and smooth the skin. The clinically proven formula rejuvenates mature skin, restoring a healthy and youthful glow. Be sure to pair it with Neocutis Lumiere Riche Bio-Restorative Eye Balm with PSP, formulated specifically for the eye area which has special needs.

Skin Care Tip #60

More is Better

When it comes to antioxidants, more is better. SkinCeuticals combines the most effective free-radical fighters into powerful cocktails for broad-spectrum protection. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic maximizes anti-aging benefits by tapping into the power of multiple antioxidants which work together in order to repair damage and protect the skin against daily assaults. SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF is also a highly effective broad spectrum antioxidant which addresses signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots and loss of elasticity. The topical serum improves the look of damaged skin while safe guarding against further damage.

Skin Care Tip #59

A Fresh Start

Did you know that starting with a fresh, clean slate can actually make your moisturizer and treatment products work better? Obagi offers quality solutions for all of your skin care needs. Start with Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel, a soap free product that gently eliminates excess oil, makeup and impurities. Then apply Obagi Nu-Derm Toner. It adjusts the pH of your skin so that it is in an ideal state to accept the hydration and treatments that follow. Obagi Nu-Derm System sets the stage for beautiful, healthy skin.

Skin Care Tip #58

A Glowing Review

Do you feel like your skin has lost its youthful glow? Jump start cellular activity by choosing a quality anti-aging solution. Somme Institute was developed by top researchers and dermatologists in order to offer clinically proven solutions for everyday use. Somme Institute Transport exfoliates while delivering essential nutrients to tired skin, smoothing the surface and improving tone and texture. The formula also increases hydration levels. Somme Institute Serum contains stable Vitamin C in a unique delivery system in order to boost collagen production, lighten discoloration and improve elasticity.

Skin Care Tip #57

Target the Source

Did you know that environmental assailants are the main contributor to aging skin? Skinceuticals uses powerful antioxidants to fight the damage caused by free radicals. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is a topical antioxidant which provides unbeatable protection against environmental stressors. It’s perfect for aging skin that’s been damaged by sun exposure. SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF was formulated from a breakthrough in technology, combining Phloretin with Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid for protection against free radicals and other damaging reactive molecules. The formula strengthens the skin and promotes the regeneration of fresh, healthy cells.

Skin Care Tip #56

Make a Smooth Move

Are you bothered by lines and wrinkles? The secret to fighting signs of skin aging is improving natural cell function. SkinMedica uses growth factor technology, allowing your skin to repair itself. The SkinMedica TNS line combines cutting edge anti-aging ingredients to maximize results. SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum is a powerful mix of protective antioxidants, firming peptides and age-fighting growth factor. The serum smoothes, tightens and brightens while guarding against environmental aging. SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex also contains a potent anti-aging cocktail which softens and firms while reducing age-related symptoms like dark spots and wrinkles.

Skin Care Tip #55

Healing Powers

Are you considering a cosmetic procedure such as a chemical peel, laser treatment or microdermabrasion? Neocutis can help promote healing and speed recovery time. Neocutis Bio-Cream Bio-Restorative Skin Cream contains a combination of human growth factors which rejuvenate and sooth the skin. The cream is also very effective when used in conjunction with retinoids and topical treatments for rosacea and acne. Pair it with Neocutis Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream which firms and moisturizes the delicate eye area. It also helps to alleviate puffiness and dark circles.

Skin Care Tip #54

Instant and Delayed Gratification

When fighting the signs of aging, opt for solutions which give you instant results with long-term benefits. DDF is a trusted brand that’s backed by solid clinical research. The DDF Anti-Aging Restorative line uses breakthrough formulas to address your most pressing issues. DDF Advanced Firming Cream instantly tightens and firms the skin on the face, neck and décolleté while protecting against future damage. The formula hydrates and revives tired, dull skin. For the eyes, use DDF Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate which lifts and firms while smoothing lines and reducing puffy bags.

Skin Care Tip #53

Normalize the Combination

Do you find that many anti-aging products cater only to dry skin types? La Roche Posay offers solutions for those who prefer lighter formulas. La Roche Posay Active C Facial Skincare Normal to Combination reduces the look of lines and wrinkles with a lightweight, mattifying finish. Use it every day along with La Roche Posay Active C Eyes, a non-greasy anti-aging treatment formulated just for the delicate eye area. The gentle formula tackles wrinkles and dark circles and is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Skin Care Tip #52

From Dull to Vibrant

Are you suffering from a dull and uneven skin tone? Consider a daily peel treatment from Dr. Dennis Gross. Regular exfoliation can transform your complexion. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel/2 Steps consist of an active pad along with a neutralizer pad. The exfoliating treatment contains five different acids for an incredibly effective exfoliation along with antioxidant protection. For even more exfoliating power try Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel – 60 Applications, a travel-friendly version of the peel system with an even stronger percentage of refining acids.

Skin Care Tip #51

Take it Seriously

Are you ready to get serious about your wrinkles? Peter Thomas Roth formulates the most cutting edge technology into highly effective aging skin solutions. Arm yourself with Peter Thomas Roth UnWrinkle Kit, a four-step system that includes the Turbo treatment, the Night treatment, the Peel Pads and the Lip Treatment. You might also consider Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Kit, a collection of travel sizes of the Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel and Buffing Beads, Retinol Fusion PM, Mega Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Creme and Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion.

Skin Care Tip #50

What’s your Type?

When putting together a skin care regimen, consider your skin type first. Targeted regimens from Jan Marini will help you customize your beauty routine. Jan Marini Skin Care Management System for Normal to Combination Skin is a five step system that helps you balance your complexion while keeping blemishes and signs of aging at bay. Jan Marini Skin Care Management System for Oily to Very Oily Skin is ideal for those looking to banish shine. The five included products work together to refine the complexion while reducing excess oil and breakouts.

Skin Care Tip #49

Let it Grow

Are you interested to know what human growth factor can do for you? This cutting edge technology has the ability to dramatically reduce the signs of aging. Neocutis formulates its products with PSP, the most complete protein blend available. Neocutis Bio-Cream Bio-Restorative Skin Cream rejuvenates the skin to smooth wrinkles and improve texture and firmness, all while soothing and promoting healing. Pair it with Neocutis Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream in order to soften lines, alleviate puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Skin Care Tip #48

Have no Fear

Have you shied away from treatment products out of fear of irritation? Avene specializes in developing effective formulas that are gentle on even the most delicate skin types. Avene Professional Retrinal Plus 0.1 Cream contains two powerful ingredients which work together to reduce the signs of aging and allow the skin to retain vital moisture. The formula is non-irritating and free of fragrance. If you are experiencing aging skin but still having breakouts, try Avene Professional TriAcneal, a unique treatment that fights blemishes while also reducing signs of aging.

Skin Care Tip #47

Basic Training

Specialized treatments can do wonders for specific issues but don’t forget the basics as the essential first steps will set the stage for your entire daily regimen. Obagi Nu-Derm System is a comprehensive line of premium skin care, beginning with the basics. Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel is a soap-free cleanser that effectively but gently removes impurities from the skin’s surface, leaving you with a clean slate for the next step. Be sure to follow with Obagi Nu-Derm Toner which uses a natural astringent to prepare the skin for treatments and hydration. Trust your beauty to Obagi.

Skin Care Tip #46

Persistence Pays Off

Maintaining healthy skin should require a continual process of encouraging skin cell turnover while repairing the everyday damage from the environment. Kate Somerville allows you to put together a comprehensive regimen for beautiful skin. Once or twice a week following cleansing, use Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment in order to slough off dead, dull skin and encourage the emergence of new, fresh cells. Follow with Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Repair with Peptide K8, an anti-aging moisturizer that hydrates the skin while smoothing lines and wrinkles.

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