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The skin cell turnover process is your body's natural method of keeping the skin rejuvenated and healthy. Unfortunately, damage caused to the skin by sunlight, environmental conditions, toxins and other factors can become too severe for the natural shedding of skin cells to repair. Exfoliation helps to resurface the complexion to boost cellular turnover and reduce signs of damage, including fine lines, flaking skin, wrinkles and age spots. Regularly exfoliating the skin also helps in the treatment of enlarged pores and acne, two common skin care problems. The SkinCeuticals BioMedic collection was developed to safely, yet effectively exfoliate the skin to offer a number of benefits.

Developed by the leading professional skin care brand SkinCeuticals, the SkinCeuticals BioMedic range includes products that make up a complete healthy skin care regimen. When used regularly SkinCeuticals BioMedic products can help reverse damage to the skin, while providing protection, moisture and vital nutrients.

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If ever there was one key secret to achieving a beautiful complexion, exfoliation is surely it. Removing dead cells from the skin is beneficial for everything from reducing the frequency of acne breakouts to making signs of aging less noticeable. A full skin care regimen, the SkinCeuticals BioMedic collection was developed specifically to boost cellular turnover, eliminate dead cells and reveal the healthy skin beneath.

SkinCeuticals BioMedic LHA Cleansing Gel combines the exfoliating power of lipo hydroxy acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid into a refreshing, wash-away cleanser. The gel helps to remove dirt and impurities from the complexion and is especially beneficial for those struggling to control acne breakouts. In addition, its exfoliating actions help to eliminate the skin congestion that can lead to pore enlargement.

SkinCeuticals BioMedic Micro-Exfoliating Scrub contains tiny beads of diatomaceous earth, which create friction on the complexion to lift away dead skin cells. The unique microbead design allows for maximum effectiveness, while reducing the risk of irritation, which can occur with other abrasive scrubs. The product is also enriched with aloe vera extract to soothe irritation, soften the tissue and enhance the moisture content of the skin.

SkinCeuticals BioMedic Purifying Cleanser is the ultimate facial cleanser for those with normal to combination skin. The cleanser contains glycolic acid and glycerin to help eliminate dry, rough patches from the skin tissue. In addition, its powerful cleansing actions cut through excess oil and reduce shininess in the T-zone area to normalize the complexion.

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