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Having healthy, youthful-looking skin requires an ongoing effort, as your skin continuously needs moisture and nutrients to look its best. If you're struggling with a skin care concern, such as acne or premature aging, the need to care for your skin on a daily basis is even greater. No matter what your skin type and tone is, adopting a daily skin care regimen is vital to get the clear, beautiful complexion that you crave and then maintain it for years to come. If you're like many people, you may find it difficult to know just how to put together a skin care regimen and what products are truly effective for people with skin like yours.

The SkinMedica Regimens Reviews on this page are here to help you get started on your quest for the perfect skin care regimen. Our actual customers have taken the time to write these SkinMedica Regimens Reviews and post them here, so that others can benefit from their experiences using SkinMedica's ready-made skin care kits. Check out the SkinMedica Regimens Reviews to learn more about SkinMedica!

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Christina, NY
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Great product- Highly recommended -3/30/2007 2:39:19 PM From Neutrogena to Proactiv; I have tried it all! Nothing seemed to help clear my face. In fact, those harsh products caused my skin to break out more. At that point, I became hopeless and did not care much for my face anymore. It wasn't until one day did I come across this website and thought to give SkinMedica's Acne System kit a try. I had absolutely no regrets. After using this product for three days, I saw a dramatic difference in my skin. My skin became clearer and more even- toned than ever before. I have not broke out since then. I would strongly recommend this product to any indivulal suffering from moderete to severe acne. SkinMedica's Acne System kit truly is worth a try.
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Love it -9/21/2007 4:18:59 AM This system is so wonderful. From the wash to the treatment cream I love it all. Its really important to leave the cleanser on for 1 minute like the directions say. If the treatment cream is too drying or irritating just use it at night. Skin Medica is never lets me down. I probably have/or have tried everything they make.
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highly recommended -1/16/2008 5:01:56 AM i've tried every product out there for acne...nothing compares to this, three months now i've been using it and not one breakout it is unbelievable. must try
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Works Wonders!! -8/12/2008 5:55:48 PM I have fought chronically oily, acne-prone skin for years now and am so glad I found SkinMedica. Clears the pores out so expect some spots before you get clear skin. But absolutely love this stuff!
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Not What I Want... -1/14/2007 7:42:30 PM I been used this acne system for two weeks already, it doesn't work that well. For the first week, it mades my skin so dry, and then the second week it mades part of my turn to red, like red spot...
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Additional SkinMedica Reviews Information

If you're looking for an easy way to get on the path to a beautiful complexion, SkinMedica regimens are here to help. Each regimen contains a complete set of products that are designed to provide your skin with everything that it needs to look beautiful and feel smooth and soft. The products featured in the regimens were all developed by the leading dermatologist Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, who is known through the world as an expert in anti-aging skin care and the treatment of common skin care conditions like acne.

The SkinMedica Regimens Reviews that we have collected here provide real accounts of how well Dr. Fitzpatrick's kits have worked for people like you. Our customers have taken the time to summarize their experiences with using these regimens, so that you can see for yourself what results they received. To make the SkinMedica Regimens Reviews easy to read, many of them contain quick summaries of the kits' pros and cons, allowing you to quickly learn more about the products if you're too short on time to read the full reviews. Each of the SkinMedica Regimens Reviews features a star rating that gives the author's impression of a particular kit's overall quality, and these ratings are useful for comparing products as you shop.

If you'd like to write your own reviews, visit the product page for your favorite formula and click "Write a Review." The form that will appear even allows you to upload your own before and after photographs or videos.

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