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When you're dealing with a skin care problem like acne, hyperpigmentation or signs of aging, sometimes your regular skin care regimen just isn't enough. Adding a high quality skin care treatment to your cleansing and moisturizing routine can help you finally get the beautiful, healthy complexion that you have been longing for, but finding that perfect treatment product can be a challenge. With so many brands offering solutions for troubled skin, you may wonder just how to begin shopping for the right one for you.

We have compiled these SkinMedica Treatments Reviews from feedback given to us by actual customers about the lineup of skin care treatments produced by the leading brand SkinMedica. You can use these SkinMedica Treatments Reviews as a starting point for researching the many options available for all of your biggest skin care concerns. The unbiased, factual stories given in the SkinMedica Treatments Reviews are a great supplement to the background information given on our product shopping pages and can help making shopping for the perfect addition to your skin care regimen easier and more fun.

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WOW! -1/26/2007 7:03:46 PM I have used alot of products but this one produces amazing results. My skin has not looked this good in years. It reduces pores, brightens your skin and firms and it works quick. I have used it maybe a month. I wish I could afford to bath in this stuff.
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Worked on my Rosacea! -1/31/2007 8:20:53 PM I love it! After suffering from severe rosacea for 20 years I have finally found the one skin product that really works!! I am overwhelmed! Now I can empty my bathroom shelves from prescription capsules, tablets, gels and creams. AND smooth skin and decreasing wrinkles are side effects I can live with!! (:
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This stuff is great -5/8/2007 6:02:59 AM I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this based on mixed reviews and the price tag. This serum is fantastic, you see immediate results and by that I mean your face looks rosier, smoother and more even toned. I gave it four stars because it is a little drying and because of the price tag.
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It Works -3/12/2007 10:40:52 AM I've tried it all and this really works. I don't care for the smell, but the effects are well worth it. You do need a good moisturizer after applying. I try not to think about the ingredients...
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Good Ingredient! -7/11/2007 3:54:44 PM I just started to use this gel twice so not sure about the result yet. I have read the reviews. I noticed that some one was wondering about the ingredient, human fibroblast. It said in the label "human fibroblast conditioned media" not human fibroblast. What is the human fibroblast conditioned media? It is simply a food or a treatment for the growth factors such as stimulate the production of collagen. Since I work for the cell biology lab so I know all about it. It is a good ingredient so nothing to concern about it.
Jean Sucec
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Superb! -1/6/2008 2:32:01 PM This product does everything it says it will do and I will never go without it. The results are well worth the smell, and after a short while you get use to the smell. Just wish it would not keep going up in price! Keep an extra bottle on hand.
Jane P.
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Smell Is Not That Bad -1/11/2009 11:10:38 PM I don't think the smell of this product is that bad. The main thing is that it works!
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It is great -3/11/2004 3:37:42 PM I love this product. I have a very deep wrinkle over my brow and it has dimimished it greatly. It is worth the price. I use it morning and at night.
Susan S. B.
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Rested look! -3/17/2004 5:48:26 PM I began getting Botox injections at age 54 for heavy frown line between eyes, and at that time, my dermatologist suggested TNS; that she used it and her skin looked radiant. After years of being in the sun and squinting, grimacing, frowning as a teacher, my facial lines read like a road map. I started using this product four months ago. Yes, it is pricey, and yes, using it only once and at night eats up a bottle, I feel it is well worth it. Wait, do not throw the dispenser away when you think it is empty! Take the top off and use a Q-tip to get what is left out, good for several days! Please contact me and let me SELL the product; I plan to retire from teaching this year, and my daughter tells me I look forty. I will take that as a definite compliment!
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WOW! -3/20/2004 5:21:19 AM This stuff really does work! I have used it for about 5 days now,and....frown lines are diminishing,wrinkles under eyes are fading, skin texture is smoothing out. Got a feeling I am hoooked! OUCH-the Price. Guess I better keep my day job!!
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Additional SkinMedica Reviews Information

Dermatologist Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick is a well-known expert at helping patients overcome their skin care challenges, so that they can enjoy clear, youthful and healthy complexions. With the SkinMedica skin care collection, you don't have to be a patient at the doctor's California medical practice to benefit from his knowledge and experience in the field of skin care science. The treatments offered by his brand are formulated based on his own research and are clinically proven to offer real results.

The SkinMedica Treatments Reviews are an important shopping resource that we're proud to offer to our customers. Each review provides a firsthand account of how well a particular SkinMedica product worked for someone dealing with a skin care problem. The stories contained in the SkinMedica Treatments Reviews and the background information about their authors provided at the beginnings of the write-ups can help you predict whether or not a formula will be useful for you and ideal for your skin’s needs.

If you're just getting started with your research, you can read all of the SkinMedica Treatments Reviews in chronological order or sort them to read about the top-rated products first. Alternately, if you're trying to learn more about a specific product, you can click the link at the bottom of a review about it to read only reviews related to it. Whichever way you choose to use this page, you're sure to find the reviews to be helpful to you as you explore the many solutions available from SkinMedica.

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