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Snowberry Cleansers

The first step in any skin care program, and one of the most important, is cleansing. Not only should this part of skin treatment remove the excess oils, dead skin cells, dirt and deposited particles and old makeup that accumulates over the day, cleansing should prepare the skin to be receptive to the following stages of skin therapy. The formulas of Snowberry Cleansers provide effective, thorough cleansing action without being overly aggressive. After all, it doesn't do any good to use cleansers that are so harsh that they cause more problems than they solve. The use of volatile alcohols and severe chemicals can damage skin cells and unbalance the entire delicate system that keeps skin healthy, smooth and youthful in appearance.

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An extraordinary, deep cleansing lotion, uniquely designed to remove stubborn makeup while maintaining ideal skin pH.
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Additional Snowberry Cleansers Information

The ingredients in Snowberry Cleansers are carefully chosen to use natural methods that thoroughly cleanse, but without undermining skin condition and health. The botanical extracts and other plant-derived ingredients not only effectively cleanse, but help to prepare the skin to accept toners, conditioners and moisturizers. In this way, Snowberry Cleansers are part of the entire skin care program, not just the beginning.

The natural herbal extracts and oils in Snowberry Cleansers are powerful enough to effectively cleanse skin, but without causing damage. More than just clearing away the detritus that accumulates over the day, the formulas treat and prepare the skin for the rest of the skin care program; skin becomes receptive to the healing and strengthening treatments to follow.

Skin is more than just a collection of cells: It is a system of balanced pH, oils, hydration and the wonderful mantle barrier that keeps skin moisturized. The natural botanical formula of Snowberry Instant Deep Cleanser respects that entire system, but still works to thoroughly clear away accumulated oils, soiling and old makeup. It helps to unpack clogged pores and clear away the old skin cells that build up as they exfoliate. More than just clean, your skin becomes open and receptive to all the wonderful conditioners, toners and moisturizers to follow. All of this, and without resorting to the use of skin-drying alcohols or harsh chemicals. Soothing, healing and antibacterial benefits are provided by a wide range of botanical extracts, including anti-inflammatory Indian neem oil (from the Melia azadirachta tree), vitamin-rich Inca inchi (Plukenetia volubilis), Japanese honeysuckle, the strongly healing Echium plantagineum and even tomato extract, an excellent skin treatment and antioxidant. The cleanser also takes a lead on moisturizing while it removes excess oils, providing squalane, olive oil and Macadamia ternifolia oil, as well as caprylic/capric triglyceride, derived from coconut, to help maintain the skin's moisture barrier and prevent loss of hydration.

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