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Snowberry Exfoliators

Keep your skin fresh and renewed with Snowberry Exfoliators, encouraging your skin's natural growth process. The average skin cell lives for approximately 30 days, from the time it is created deep within the dermis layer of the skin tissues until it reaches the surface of the skin, where it eventually dies and is shed. This process, called exfoliation, is part of the skin cell replacement process and is necessary to keep the complexion fresh, constantly renewed and repaired, to maintain its youthful appearance.

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A special combination of exotic oils, functional herbal extracts, Jojoba, precious gems, coral and pearl, safely removes dead skin tissue and leaves the skin feeling smooth and alive.
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To help make the skin cell turnover process as efficient as possible, Snowberry Exfoliators help to gently remove the dying and dead skin cells still clinging to the surface. This not only keeps the skin looking smooth and clear, but makes way for new, younger and healthy skin cells to come to the fore. A healthy skin cell turnover also helps repair and reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, scars, lines and wrinkles. The formulas of Snowberry Exfoliators include a rich suite of natural botanical extracts, to ensure that the exfoliation process is gentle and effective while they provide nourishing and protective benefits.

Skin renews itself through the cycle of new cell growth and exfoliation of old cells. The natural ingredients in Snowberry Exfoliators help to promote this process, gently but effectively encouraging a healthy skin cell turnover. As a result, the complexion is kept fresh, renewed and glowing. Skin imperfections, including lines and wrinkles, are diminished as new, healthy cells come into place, making every day a new beginning.

Providing a gentle scrubbing action as well as botanical extracts to encourage the skin's own natural process, Snowberry Nourishing Exfoliator turns skin renewal into a relaxing and refreshing experience. Powdered mother of pearl, cultured coral and micro granules of ruby gently physically polish away old, dead skin cells while carob sugar encourages exfoliation. While removing old and dead skin cells, the cream also adds an entire range of emollients, including tucum nut oil (from an Amazonian palm tree), illipe butter (made from the nut oil of the Asian Shorea senoptera), meadowfoam seed oil, ucuuba butter (made from the South American tree Virola sebifera) and acai seed oil, all of which provide rich, moisturizing benefits. Extract of sea-buckthorne (Hippophae rhamnoides) promotes tissue regeneration, while the extract of Japanese honeysuckle flowers and stems soothe the skin. Simply massage the cream onto your face in small circular motions for one minute, allowing the particles to scrub your skin as the botanical extracts are absorbed into the tissues. After this relaxing massage, wipe the skin surface with a warm, damp towel. Your skin will look renewed and feel refreshed.

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