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Snowberry In Sun

There are few things so pleasant as being out on a warm, sunny day, so it seems particularly unfair that solar radiation is so damaging to skin. With caution, moderation and Snowberry In Sun products, however, it is still possible to enjoy some sun without severe damage. Over-exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays does have its consequences, though, and not only the most obvious ones.

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In addition to the danger of sunburn, which kills at least the outer layer of skin cells, even exposure less than sunburn-level can dehydrate skin tissues, opening up the possibility of developing lines and wrinkles, plus the danger of hyperpigmentation. The UVA rays (a different range of wavelength of solar radiation from sunburn-causing UVB rays) are known to penetrate deeply enough to damage the collagen and elastin in skin tissues. This means that the skin loses tone, with further risk of developing lines and wrinkles. The formulas of Snowberry In Sun products offer wide spectrum protection, screening both UVA and UVB wavelengths. In addition, Snowberry In Sun offers different strengths of sunscreen, allowing you a choice.

Different types of activities require different levels of sunscreen protection. The line of Snowberry In Sun protective lotions offers a range of products. These are rated not only by the SPF (sun protection factor), which gauges how well a sunscreen guards against sunburn-causing UVB radiation, but the Boots Star system, which rates protection against deeper-penetrating UVA rays. All of the lotions include only natural ingredients and do not leave the skin caked in the white residue so often found in other products.

Even when you're just going about your day-to-day activities, not sunbathing on the beach, you are still exposed to the sun's radiation. As much as you need protection, you don't want a thick, obvious sunscreen interfering with your cosmetics. The formula of Snowberry Everyday SPF 15 Broad Spectrum Medium Sun Protection offers both effective screening against burning UVB radiation, but a Boots 3-star rating for protection against UVA. With a hearty selection of botanical oils and extracts, this lotion offers emollients (including smooth, rich shea butter) to keep your skin hydrated and smooth, plus several antioxidants to protect against long-term damage. Yet, has a light texture and clear appearance, so it can be worn without causing difficulty with your makeup.

For sunbathing, hiking or just hanging out in the sun, Snowberry Active Outdoor SPF 30 Broad Spectrum High Sun Protection offers both a high sun protection factor and a 4-star Boot rating. It is ideal for long-term sun exposure, yet is light and does not leave a residue on the skin.

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