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Snowberry Toners and Clarifiers

It is traditional to approach a skin care regimen as a check list, with each step providing a separate stage in a progression of treatments. The Snowberry Toners and Clarifiers, developed by a New Zealand-based skin care company, take a different approach. They combine several "steps" in a skin care program into a holistic treatment that provides a unified complex of beneficial botanical extracts and oils and other plant-derived ingredients, plus enzymes, natural acids and minerals. By merging all of these factors into a combined therapy, Snowberry Toners and Clarifiers simultaneously cleanse, moisturize, stimulate the production of collagen, provide antioxidants and fight inflammation with antibacterial ingredients.

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Snowberry Toners and Clarifiers Products

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A superior, soft-foam cleanser that tones and replenishes the skin.
3.3 oz | NZ012

Additional Snowberry Toners and Clarifiers Information

The rising incidence in chronic skin inflammation among women is a particular target for these treatments, as it is now considered to be a major contributing factor to premature aging of skin. This modern epidemic (there can be no other word for it) is caused by a range of factors, including environmental pollutants, food sensitivities, low-grade bacterial, viral and fungal infections in the bloodstream and organs and stress. Snowberry Toners and Clarifiers help counteract their effects.

A combined approach to skin care allow Snowberry Toners and Clarifiers to treat several interconnected factors simultaneously. Going beyond the usual ingredients, the formulas provide effective botanically sourced compounds, minerals and enzymes to nourish, strengthen and heal skin tissues. As with all of their products, Snowberry does not include artificial colors, parabens or petrochemicals.

The formula of Snowberry Gentle Remineralising Toner is not just a list of ingredients, but a synthesized therapy that treats several factors simultaneously. The toner first gently cleanses the skin, dissolving and removing excess oils, dead skin cells and accumulated dirt and deposited pollutants, with juazeiro, the bark extract of the Brazilian tree Ziziphus joazero and enzymes derived from kumquat and kiwi fruit. These leave the skin prepared to accept and absorb additional treatments, including powerful antioxidants from white coral algae and several natural plant factors. Emollients are provided by sunflower seed oil and neem oil, extracted from the seeds of the Indian mahogany Melia azadirachta. Inflammation that accompanies skin irritation is soothed with honeysuckle flower extract, while andioba oil, derived from the South American Carapa guaianensis tree is also anti-inflammatory, with skin-healing properties. A range of antibacterial ingredients include juazeiro bark extract and sapindin (extracted from the bark of the soap tree, Quillaja saponaria). As the name of the toner promises, a range of minerals and bioavailable forms of copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc are also included. With further healing and collagen-building ingredients, the toner leaves the skin firmer, clear and refreshed, with the appearance of wrinkles visibly reduced.

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