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When used as part of a skin care regimen, Sothys Cleansers Products can effectively remove impurities from the surface and pores while leaving the skin fresh and healthy. Cleansing is of the most fundamental aspects of a skin care program, since it both removes matter which can adversely affect skin tissues and clears the way for healing ingredients to be absorbed into the skin. This task must be approached with caution, since overly harsh ingredients in some cleansers can cause damage to the skin or create reactions that will disrupt healthy cell function.

Developed by skin experts, and using only proven ingredients, Sothys Cleansers Products are formulated to be effective, but safe. They remove excess oils and clogging impurities from pores without damaging the protective stratum corneum layer of the skin or removing the important acid mantle layer of sebum from the skin’s surface. These protect the skin from bacterial encroachment and help the skin tissues to retain moisture, so their continued integrity is important to long-term skin health. Sothys Cleansers Products are also formulated to work with all different skin types.

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Additional Sothys Products Information

As effective as they are gentle, Sothys Cleansers Products remove impurities, excess oil and old, dead skin cells from skin. The results not only look and feel great, but the clean skin is able to better function in a healthy manner. Skin that is regularly cleansed of extraneous material is also able to more easily to absorb emollients and other beneficial materials.

Keeping skin soft and supple as well as cleansed, Sothys Normalizing Beauty Milk uses a coconut oil base in its formula. The grapefruit extract helps to purify the complexion while the caprylic/capric triglyceride, derived from coconut, gently promotes exfoliation to allow skin to renew itself. This application is suitable for normal-combination skin.

Formulated for sensitive and fragile skin types, Sothys Soothing Beauty Milk also adds avocado extract. Avocado is not only a sumptuous emollient but, with its accompanying contribution of vitamins A and B, helps strengthen skin tissues as well.

Deep cleansing with wheat amino acids – but not harsh granules – Sothys Desquacrem helps break up excess oils and facilitates the removal of blackheads. It can be used to good effect on a range of skin types, but the frequency of its use should be adjusted to the sensitivity of the skin.

Keep a close eye on your supply of Sothys Morning Cleanser; men find it perfect to use as part of their shaving regimen. Its gentle, oil-free formula has a soft, light and creamy texture with just a slight bit of foam. Shea butter, sweet almond oil and chamomile extract provide excellent moisturizing benefits.

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