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Having a sensitive skin type can be a real distraction in your life as its painful presence takes away from the pleasure of enjoyable occurrences as well as daily activities. Minimizing the uncomfortable symptoms that typically accompany sensitive skin can be accomplished with ease as soon as you begin to use one or more of the skin-soothing Sothys Immuniscience Products.

Specifically formulated to address the needs of skin sensitivity, these ultra-creamy solutions feature an incredible ingredient that constantly works to improve your skin’s protective capabilities. Known as Photonyl®, this component found in Sothys Immuniscience Products is a biotechnical ingredient that boosts the skin’s ability to safeguard its cells from harm, reducing the risk of future irritation occurring to your skin. Along with an infusion of renewed protective power, your skin receives powerful softening and soothing actions that restore a sense of calm to your skin as redness is eliminated. Sothys Immuniscience Products are part of a hypoallergenic line that is specifically intended to make life easier for individuals who suffer from skin sensitivity. For the best results, use these formulations on a daily basis.

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While you can create a full skin care regimen utilizing formulas from the Sothys brand, you may want to begin with a selection from the line of Sothys Immuniscience Products, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Featuring a color-free, fragrance-free solution, Sothys Immuniscience Fluid offers the kind of hypoallergenic formula that sensitive skin needs. Enhanced with the skin-strengthening ingredient Photonyl®, this ultra-creamy fluid can be applied during the day or evening. It soothes the skin with a calming action that instantly makes your skin feel better. As it softens the skin, it improves its resilience against external irritations. You can reclaim your skin’s natural ability to defend itself with this formulation!

A hypoallergenic skin care formula, Sothys Immuniscience Cream offers a rich concoction containing liquid crystals along with the potent ingredient known as Photonyl®. Intended for people suffering with skin sensitivity, this creamy solution infuses soothing components to your skin that make it feel and look better. It’s perfect for daily use as it also supplies much needed hydration to your skin, creating a comfortable feeling that makes it possible to get through your day easily despite the fact that you have either highly reactive, super sensitive, or mildly sensitive skin.

Featuring decongesting agents (amica, licorice, and witch hazel), Sothys Immuniscience Mask sooths your skin creating a refreshed feeling. Containing the potent ingredient Photonyl®, it offers the benefit of strengthening your skin’s innate ability to protect itself against unnecessary harm as it infuses added protection for the skin’s immune cells.

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