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Sothys Immuniscience

When you have sensitive or ultra-sensitive skin, it is extremely important to search for products that offer the type of ultra-soothing solutions needed to tenderly treat your skin without causing irritation. The entire line of Sothys Immuniscience beauty products have been designed specifically for sensitive skin types, offering innovative formulas designed to strengthen, soothe, and protect skin that is highly reactive to external agents. Offering creamy formulas that soothe upon the first application, Sothys Immuniscience solutions have been infused with a biotechnological ingredient (Photonyl®) that boosts the protection of your skin’s immune cells, greatly benefiting individuals who have sensitive skin. Delivering ultra-gentle, ultra-creamy, and ultra-softening solutions that effectively treat sensitive skin without adding to existing irritation, this line of Sothys Immuniscience strengthens and soothes skin without the strength to do so on its own anymore, encouraging its natural ability to do so in the future.

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Additional Sothys Immuniscience Information

The hypo-allergenic Sothys Immuniscience formulas are designed for those individuals who have sensitive to ultra-sensitive skin types. They are gentle, soothing, and well worth the effort of adding them to your existing beauty care routine.

It doesn’t need to be painful to have sensitive or ultra-sensitive skin. With properly designed beauty care products like these Sothys Immuniscience formulas, your skin can enjoy life again without unpleasant irritation and redness.

Is your skin so delicate that it needs an ultra-gentle formula blended specifically for sensitive skin? Sothys Immuniscience Fluid soothes the skin with its fragrance-free, color-free, hypoallergenic solution. Containing the strengthening protection of a biotechnological ingredient (Photonyl®), it offers a boost to your skin’s immune cells. It’s perfect for daytime or nighttime use, and it’s a great emergency treatment when your skin is in immediate need of receiving soothing treatment to relieve it from irritation.

Is your skin super sensitive to beauty products and just about everything else? Then, you need a protective formula that is ultra-creamy and blended with gentle ingredients that won’t irritate your skin. The hypo-allergenic formula of Sothys Immuniscience Cream is enhanced with Photonyl®, a biotechnological ingredient, and designed to penetrate deeply into the skin in order to boost the protection of the skin’s immune cells. This cream offers a liquid crystal emulsion that brings needed hydration to your skin in a soothing, comforting manner.

You’re in for a delightful experience when you use this freshly scented mask designed for sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin types. Infused with Photonyl®, a biotechnological ingredient, this Sothys Immuniscience Mask offers protection for your skin’s immune cells. Soothing, smoothing, and calming, this hypo-allergenic mask helps to soften the skin without irritating it. Infused with Kaolin, it aids in clearing your complexion for more radiant beauty.

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