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Sothys Toners/Clarifiers

While cleansing and moisturizing the skin daily can help to maintain its clarity and optimal level of hydration, the use of a facial toner in between these two beauty care products often provides better results. Even with the application of a daily cleanser each day, the residual traces of makeup removers, dead skin cells, excess oils, and dirt remain on the skin. In particular, the oily residue of some makeup removers is difficult to eliminate with just a single cleansing product. The use of specially formulated toners and clarifiers can offer a more thorough cleansing process that assists in the elimination of these impurities. If you want to provide the best possible purification process for your skin, you should incorporate one of the available Sothys Toners/Clarifiers into your beauty care regimen.

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Sothys Toners/Clarifiers Products

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Ideal toner for normal to combination skin.
6.7 oz | SY005
Ideal toner for oily skin with blemish problems.
6.7 oz | SY008
Ideal toner for sensitive or fragile skin.
6.7 oz | SY007
Balance the skin’s tolerance threshold and help skin lastingly reduce its sensitivity.
6.7 oz | SY006

Additional Sothys Toners/Clarifiers Information

Designed to take into consideration the wide range of skin types, Sothys Toners/Clarifiers have been formulated with a unique blending of the finest cleansing, toning, anti-oxidant, and anti-aging ingredients. Offering your skin a better opportunity to fully absorb any moisturizing product that you use, Sothys Toners/Clarifiers remove the particulates and oils that can block that process.

Your skin deserves to feel clean, fresh, and young. Sothys Toners/Clarifiers are formulated to instill each of those qualities into your skin through carefully blended formulas designed for the full range of skin types. Take your pick of the Sothys Toners/Clarifiers, choosing the one that best meets your skin care needs and type.

As you might know, a thorough cleansing of your skin can protect it from the early signs of aging. Of course, you also need to maintain your skin’s ability to remain hydrated as well as to maintain a balanced pH. Sothys Purifying Lotion delivers an antiseptic, alcohol-free solution that helps to control excess oils on the skin, while also tightening the pores as it eliminates dead skin cells, residual makeup, dirt, and oils.

Are you plagued with blackheads that seem to appear out of nowhere? Is your skin type normal to combination? Sothys Normalizing Lotion offers a pH balancing formula that aids in clearing the skin through its blending of Cucumber Extract (water retention capability), Hypericum (astringent), and Witch Hazel(astringent). Cleansing the skin thoroughly and without irritation, it tightens the pores refining their appearance and restoring the clarity of your facial countenance.

For balanced skin pH and the removal of impurities, excess oils, and makeup residue, incorporate the stimulating formula of Sothys Soothing Lotion. This is a fragrance-free solution that is soothing upon application. Its formula is blended with Allantoin, an ingredient known to refresh the ability of your skin to produce new skin cells. This skin toner is best suited for reactive and sensitive skin types.

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