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SpaRitual Exfoliators

A series of layers of tissue comprise your skin with the newest, smoothest and healthiest layers forming at the bottom. Through the natural process of skin cell turnover, those layers gradually reach the surface through the sloughing off dead skin cells as new layers of skin are produced. Regular exfoliation through mechanical friction and gentle chemicals speeds up the process, revealing new skin more quickly before it can become damaged by sunlight or dried out by dehydrating elements in your environment and lifestyle. The SpaRitual Exfoliators collection features an assortment of high quality exfoliators that are vital tools for revealing your most beautiful complexion.

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Additional SpaRitual Exfoliators Information

The items in the SpaRitual Exfoliators range have natural, vegan ingredients at their core, making them as nourishing as they are effective. Each of the products in the SpaRitual Exfoliators collection is formulated for a different skin care type, giving you personalized solutions for the unique needs of your skin. Regular use of the SpaRitual Exfoliators lineup keeps your complexion even, radiant and younger-looking without unwanted effects of redness and irritation that occur with inferior products.

Beneath the dead, dry tissue located on the surface of your skin, there is supple, healthy new skin waiting to be discovered; reveal it with the SpaRitual Exfoliators collection. The lineup of exfoliators produced by SpaRitual use natural ingredients to deliver their powerful actions and remove those dull cells from your skin. The gentle formulations found in the collection are suitable for a variety of skin types and tones. Find the perfect one to transform your complexion today.

SpaRitual Open Minded Organic Sugar Scrub uses organic sugar crystals to create a gentle friction on the surface of your skin and wash away dead skin cells. Suitable for use all over, the scrub contains a variety of natural plant extracts that deliver moisture with every use, including olive, safflower, sesame, sunflower and coconut oils. The scrub is ideal for dry skin and has the added benefit of stimulating the crown chakra. Each use of the scrub has the ability to improve your mental clarity and function of your central nervous system.

SpaRitual Affirming Scrub Masque combines an exfoliator with a wash-away mask to purify your skin, while removing dead cells. Formulated for use on the hands, feet and body, the scrub contains micro-algae and ginger extract sourced from the wilds of Indonesia. Simply apply the scrub and leave it in place for five minutes before rinsing to enjoy the benefits for your skin as well as your digestive health thanks to its ability to stimulate your solar plexus chakra.

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