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Stiefel Labs Sarna

While nearly any skin condition can be labeled as a rash, the truth is that a variety of different disorders of the epidermis exist. Acne is perhaps the most common of this conditions; however, it isn’t always the most embarrassing one, nor is it always the most difficult to treat. Understanding exactly which skin issue you are experiencing is often critical to the successful treatment of it. The selection of quality skincare products is essential if you want to minimize your symptoms in order to obtain relief from the discomfort and pain accompanying skin disorders. Offering years of experience since the company came into existence in 1847, Stiefel Labs has created an assortment of high performing solutions that deliver relief for atopic dermatitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, dry skin, and warts. Stiefel Labs Sarna products address skin conditions producing dryness and creating the unwelcome need to scratch the skin in order to find relief from unpleasant itching.

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Stiefel Labs Sarna Products

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A body lotion that relieves itching associated with Dermatitis and Eczema.
7.5 oz | ST023

Additional Stiefel Labs Sarna Information

Recommended by dermatologists, Stiefel Labs Sarna formulas contain skin-soothing ingredients know to relieve dryness and itching. Discover the benefits offered with Stiefel Labs Sarna solutions today.

Offering a medley of medically accepted formulas, the entire line of Stiefel Labs skincare products are designed to soothe and treat a variety of conditions including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrhea, dry skin, acne, eczema, and warts. They take away the need to scratch at your skin, a behavior that can increase the existing damage that your skin is currently experiencing. Stiefel Labs Sarna products feature formulas offering quality ingredients that are included to bring relief from the discomfort of skin dryness.

For fast, temporary relief from unpleasant itching and discomfort, try the soothing formula delivered by Stiefel Sarna Lotion. Infused with menthol and camphor, this calming emollient lotion soothes dry, itching skin, providing relief from the temporary pain of winter itch, minor burns, insect bites, sunburn, and other skin irritations such as minor cuts. This formula is entirely free of all steroids. The pump bottle makes it easy to apply this soothing emollient formula throughout the day in order to bring much needed relief from dry, damaged skin.

Are you suffering from eczema or dermatitis? Does your skin itch constantly without giving you a break from the uncomfortable need-to-scratch that eczema and dermatitis can create? Discover soothing relief as you apply the coolness of Stiefel Sarna Sensitive Anti-Itch Lotion has been recommended by dermatologists. Its non-greasy formula is also free of fragrances and steroids, delivering a skin-friendly solution that does not add to existing irritation and discomfort. Containing Pramoxine Hydrochloride, a mild anesthetic, this anti-itch solution relieves the pain and soreness associated with atopic dermatitis, dry skin, and eczema.

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