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Stiefel Labs

During the 19th century, the discovery of germs finally made it possible to treat skin conditions that until that time disfigured and marred the complexion. In 1847, a candlemaker named John David Stiefel enlisted the help of two dermatologists to create a line of medicated soaps that could be used to successfully treat numerous skin care conditions. Over the next 165 years that followed, the company that Stiefel founded grew to become one of the most trusted names in skin care. The Stiefel Labs collection remains a favorite among dermatologists who want to provide non-prescription alternatives to their patients suffering from uncomfortable chronic skin conditions.

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Stiefel Labs Products

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Remove dirt, oil and unclog pores with this cleanser for the face, back and chest.
5.5oz | ST027
Specifically formulated to absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation.
2.5 oz | ST005
A body lotion that relieves itching associated with Dermatitis and Eczema.
7.5 oz | ST023
#1 Dermatologist prescribed acne wash formula now available without a prescription.
6oz | ST050
Provides temporary relief of pain and itching.
7.5 oz | ST002
This dual-action treatment is specifically formulated to kill fungal organisms and dry up unwanted moisture.
2.5 oz | ST042



Stiefel Labs Customer Reviews


Age Group: Under 25Gender: FSkin Type: oily
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
please bring this back to skin store, love it - 9/18/2012 11:00:26 AM love this product soo much, and i cant find it anywhere but this online store, sooo upset they dont sell it anymore, i had to switch to another product and its not near as good as this one :(:(
Salvo Switzerland
Age Group: 45-54Gender: MSkin Type: oily
Pros: absorbs quickly, pleasant fragrance, gentle, lightweight, smooth texture
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Great Product - 3/15/2012 7:37:01 AM I always do have some itch problems in warm weather, rather during sports or after a day in the humid klima, this product is great, no itch, no redness, no smell, use it often and very pleased, regards, Salvo
JeanniemyQueenie Chesterton, IN
Age Group: 45-54Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: gentle
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Gentle for someone with sensitive skin! - 1/13/2012 9:04:37 AM Love the Panoxyl 4! A pharmacist recommended this product to me after several years of using a doctor's prescribed benzoyl peroxide 5% wash. The Panoxyl is as gentle and does the work of the prescription "medicine". I have sensitive, combination skin. This product is soothing, doesn't make me overly dry, nor does it make me red. I accompany the panoxyl with the Stiefel's SFC (soft free cleanser) for a really smooth, soft feeling. I finally love my skin!
Aussiemum Tasmania, Australia
Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: sensitive
Pros: absorbs quickly, instant relief!!! Cons: none
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Best Anti-itch lotion on the market!!! - 1/7/2012 10:41:00 PM With both my pregnancies, I suffered from a condition called "Obstetric Cholestasis", which is a pregnancy-related liver condition, characterised by INTENSE & UNBEARABLE itch. The ONLY product that ever offered me any relief was Sarna Lotion! It HONESTLY works & is AMAZING!!! I simply cannot recommend this product highly enough, I really don't know how I would've made it through both my pregnancies without it... 5 stars all round!!!
Boise, ID
Age Group: 25-34Gender: FSkin Type: oily
Pros: effective, long-lasting, don't need an rx Cons: cost
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Best face wash I have used yet - 4/7/2011 6:48:43 PM I have been using this product for several years now. I initially started using this product because my skin was always bumpy. I didn't suffer from acne but I had a lot of pimples and very oily skin. I read somewhere that to treat unclear skin, benzoyl peroxide is the active ingredient to look for. So I started with a facial wash that had a small percentage and it worked slightly but not completely. I stumbled upon this product at a local grocery store and found it to be 10% benzoyl peroxide, which is the strongest you can buy without a prescription. I hesitated based on the cost, but took the risk. It worked fabulously! I have been using it ever since and have no complaints. On occasion, I have run out and the store I buy it from doesn't have it in stock so I am forced to use an alternative. Immediately, my skin breaks out in bumps again. So I have learned never to run out! I would highly recommend this product to anyone struggling with a bumpy complexion. I believe it will even clear acne, too.
TBEAR San Diego,CA
Age Group: 35-44Gender: MSkin Type: normal
Pros: absorbs quickly, gentle, smooth texture
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Sarna Sensitive Lotion - 11/26/2010 12:51:39 PM Based on a suggestion from my dermatologist, I used Sarna for a long term itch in my lower abdominal area. It worked like a miracle lotion for 60 days, after which it began to lose its effectiveness and had to increase the applications from twice a day to 3-4 times a day. It was a hassle but continued to mostly help the symptons. After a 2-3 weeks of the increased dosage I started to notice the roof of my mouth was sore and I was getting a dizzy feeling. I stopped using Sarna and within 24 hours the sore feeling in my mouth was gone and after a few days the dizzy feeling is improving. I give the lotion 4 stars since it worked great and I may use again on a short term basis after I detox for awhile.
Pros: absorbs quickly, pleasant fragrance, gentle, lightweight, smooth texture, works systemically Cons: expensive
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
AWESOME - 1/27/2010 11:01:38 PM I am sorry that I cannot spell the fungus that I had on some of my toe nails and finger nails, but it turned them dark brown to yellow and were embarassing. My dermatologist told me to get some of this and sprinkle in my shoes daily. It is SO expensive that I could only afford to sprinkle it in one shoe (the left one), but evidently it worked systemically so marvelously that BOTH feet and BOTH hands cleared up. Gee, being a man, I can now wear flip-flops and/or go barefoot (not at church of course). I am no longer embarassed to shake hands or write a check in front of someone. However, I still do not pick my nose, etc in public, but, gee, one must do it somewhere right? Thanx for saving me from so much embarasement.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
So soooothing - 10/27/2008 12:32:42 PM Wow, I just got this for my sensitive skin and all the various rashes I seem to get, and now I wish I had found it YEARS ago! It is so cooling and soothing and relieving. The smell is natural from camphor and menthol and really isn't all that offending at all. It fades quickly.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Beyond Relief - 6/18/2008 4:18:47 PM This lotion smells awesome and is the best product I've found for horribly itchy skin. If they took the smell away, I probably wouldn't like it as much. GREAT STUFF
Overall Rating Overall Rating
RELIEF!!!!!!! - 3/10/2008 2:20:49 AM If the smell bothers you, you don't have a serious itch. I'd put up with the scent over the itch any day. Besides, the smell fades as the relief sets in. It's the only thing (including an Rx) that has provided me with any kind of real comfort.

Additional Info

Learn More About Stiefel Labs

The Stiefel Labs skin care collection includes treatments for acne, chronic skin itching, fungal infections and eczema. All of the formulas in the range are developed in in-house labs and tested for quality, safety and purity. Clinically proven to make a difference in the health of the skin and ease the unpleasant symptoms that accompany common skin conditions, the Stiefel Labs products are your alternative to costly topical prescription drugs. Enjoy problem free skin with the help of Stiefel Labs.

With more than a century's worth of experience as a skin care developer, Steifel Labs is a trusted brand in the beauty and personal care industry. The company's vision focuses its mission. Steifel Labs works to become a recognized global leader in the skincare industry and strives to deliver unique, innovative products that are backed by scientific research. Ultimately, the goal of the company--and its line of products--is to help customers discover and enjoy healthy skin. Steifel Labs achieves this lofty goal by producing a range of skin care treatments, helping to address a variety of common skincare needs. Whether you are looking to minimize itching; eliminate dirt, oil, and buildup; fight acne; or moisturize dry skin, you can find Steifel Labs products that can help you achieve your goals.

Thanks to its extensive history, Steifel Labs has made its mark in the skincare marketplace across the globe. Its global reach is significant, with local sites in nearly 20 nations across the globe, ranging from the U.S. to more far-reaching countries as Malta, Kazakhstan, and Thailand. The company also focuses on community involvement in the areas it serves. With a desire to give back to local communities, the Steifel Labs team can be found volunteering for worthy organizations, raising money for important causes, or donating supplies to those in need. With its proven line of products, its extensive history, record of success, and willingness to give back, Steifel Labs is a company that you want to invest in. Give its products a try today.

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