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Stila Cosmetics Concealer

Concealer is a must-have in any cosmetics case to hide those imperfections that drive you crazy when you look in the mirror and to handle those "uh-oh!" moments when you wake up with a blemish or dark circles on an important day. Unfortunately, many of the concealers available on the market today use thick formulas to provide maximum coverage. These products never look completely blended, making your complexion appear uneven and unnatural. In some cases, a poor concealer can even make an imperfection more noticeable. The Stila Cosmetics Concealer collection was designed for you to apply with the confidence that whatever you are correcting will be fully, but flawlessly covered.

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Additional Stila Cosmetics Concealer Information

The products in the Stila Cosmetics Concealer line offer maximum coverage, but in formulas that are lightweight. This unique combination of effectiveness and lightness makes all of the items in the Stila Cosmetics Concealer range ideal for natural results. Featuring a variety of colors and formulation options, the Stila Cosmetics Concealer collection offers the right products for women of all skin types and tones. Find your perfect, flawless match today.

Don't let fine lines, blemishes, dark circles and other skin imperfections get in the way of a beautiful you. Cover them with confidence with the products in the Stila Cosmetics Concealer collection. The skin-healthy products available in the concealer range are effective enough to leave no trace of any skin imperfection, but natural enough to remain undetected with all makeup looks.

Stila Perfecting Concealer - Shade B is the fullest covering concealer available from Stila Cosmetics. The concealer produces an opaque, semi-matte finish that is ideal to pair with any type of foundation and powder. The concealer is available in six shades, of which Shade B is the second lightest. All of the colors available in the range have the unique ability to detect your skin's natural coloring and subtly adjust for the most natural appearance. The foundation comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube.

Stila Brighten and Correct Concealer Tone was designed to mask imperfections in the under eye area. The mineral-rich concealer contains proprietary Haloxyl, which helps brighten and tone the skin in the under eye area, actually reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles rather than just hiding them away. The concealer comes in six shades, of which Tone is the second lightest and most popular.

Stila Brighten and Correct Concealer Fair is the lightest and second most popular seller in the Brighten and Correct Concealer collection. The concealer comes in the same 1-ounce stick as the Tone shade for easy applying every time.

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