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StriVectin EV

Dark spots and areas of discoloration are among the greatest challenges of skin care. Whether they appear as distinct spots (usually called sun spots, age spots or liver spots), larger blotchy, discolored areas on the hands, arms and body or those dark, puffy areas under the eyes, they detract from the skin's beauty. It can be difficult to diminish their appearance, but the series of StriVectin EV skin care products offer carefully formulated ingredients which can provide effective care for them.

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StriVectin EV Products

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An ultra-concentrated quick absorbing serum that fades spots and evens skin tone.
1.7 oz | BR085
A targeted eye treatment that is clinically proven to be effective on all types of dark circles.
0.5oz | BR101

Additional StriVectin EV Information

While there are different causes for skin discoloration, they can all be addressed in a similar manner: by strengthening the health of the skin tissues, promoting the rate of skin cell turn-over in order to replace surface flaws with new skin cells and by controlling melanin, the natural pigment that gives skin its color. The formulas of the line of StriVectin EV products offer effective, carefully researched ingredients designed to repair and improve the health of your skin. By using the skin's own marvelous chemistry and natural systems of renewal, spots and areas of discoloration can be improved.

Helping to diminish dark spots and even out areas of skin tone, the series of StriVectin EV formulas deliver bioactive ingredients into the skin tissues where they can be most effective. For a topical product, this means that the ingredients have to be able to be absorbed through the skin barrier (stratum corneum), which is chemically difficult. These formulas are based on a proprietary patented ingredient known as NIA-114, an ingredient originally developed in cancer research to help with fast wound repair. It is a form of niacin (also known as vitamin B3) that has been transformed so that the molecules can be absorbed deep into the epidermis, acting as a unique micronutrient delivery system to carry other bioactive ingredients for diffusion in the skin tissues.

Once absorbed, NIA-114 is bioconverted into a form of nicotinic acid, NAD, which helps to strengthen, repair and protect skin from damage and the consequences of aging. Not only does NIA-114 promote skin healing, it also encourages a healthy rate of skin cell production, allowing damaged and discolored surface skin cells to be replaced with new, healthy ones. In addition, the ingredient helps to inhibit melasome production (the source of melanin). The formulas of StriVectin EV products also include botanical extracts, peptides and an oil-soluble form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). These ingredients, also transported into the skin tissues, assist in the reduction of existing melanin, the production and transfer of melanin, strengthen microcirculation and provide overall antioxidant protection - improving both skin beauty and skin health.

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