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Suki Founder Suki Kramer

Behind the Bottle

A Q&A with the insiders behind your favorite brands.

Suki Kramer


When Suki Kramer founded Suki in 2002 in her kitchen, she set out to revolutionize the skincare industry using the purest of ingredients with natural advanced cosmeceuticals and her original high-potency botanic concentrate® in what is now the Suki innovation lab®. She has dedicated her life to research of ingredients and skincare, and after years of collaboration with cosmetic chemists and traditional herbalists, her vision, 'evolutionary skincare', came to life — the innovation of a completely new skincare formula – Suki, clinically-proven natural solutions® skincare.

1). How did you get started in this industry?

I had always struggled with skin sensitivities, allergies and chronic eczema and was driven by my frustration trying what seemed to be endless commercial and pharmaceutical skin treatments that didn't work. I saw a real void in the market for a line that actually DID something which to me meant being truly 100% pure. So, I dedicated my life to research of the ingredients and skincare, studying with industry chemists and traditional herbalists, and after many years of experimentation with my original formulas my vision, "evolutionary skincare", came to life - the innovation of a completely new skincare formula - Suki® clinically-proven natural solutions® skincare.

2). What is your star product or biggest breakthrough?

My Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser with lemongrass and sugar is not only my, but is by far everyone's fave! It smells delicious and makes skin look and feel amazing! It is our number one best seller, winning many industry awards and celebrity endorsements. Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser deeply cleanses and purifies pores, enhances skin tone clarity, it unclogs pores, exfoliates dead cells, smoothes dryness, lines and wrinkles, to reveal fresh new skin. Not to mention it is a terrific AHA and BHA treatment that is both pure and gentle enough to be used by nearly everyone.

3). Who/What inspires you?

When I think of these icons I think of Meryl Streep, Marlo Thomas, Katherine Hepburn and Mary Tyler Moore - who all gave me a sense that I could do anything I wanted with my life. So, I feel lucky enough to have grown up in the times of strong women in the media - and there are so many, who influenced my vision of what it means to be a beautiful woman - independent, bold, sensitive, emotional, strong yet feminine, brash, intelligent, capable and seeing these images of women, struggling with what it means to be a woman, fighting for their rights to have a career, be independent & vote, etc. - things people take for granted today - informed my vision of what a beautiful woman is and can be.

4). Be honest, what beauty products do you use regularly other than your own?

I always carry an Anastasia Cosmetics Brow pencil for touchups, as well as Jane Iredale double sided pink/white highlighting pencil. It makes me look like I actually slept the night before! I also love the Logona Double Sided Lip Pencil, Giovanni Grapefruit Towelettes and my Luscious Lips Berry Cream Trio.

5). Imagine the future of the beauty industry and give us your prediction of what's to come.

There's nothing new about collagen in skincare, but collagen supplements are launching and trending now, marketed as anti-aging products that help improve skin and body imperfections. Collagen is a protein found in connective tissues throughout the body and is a major component of the skin. As we age, our skin's inner layer loses collagen and as a result, becomes less supple and firm and more vulnerable to damage. As collagen depletes, wrinkles and lines form in those places where the skin moves most. Collagen capsules and supplements can strengthen blood vessels, improve elasticity, strengthen skin and increase its suppleness. Collagen is needed to repair and rebuild connective tissue to encourage strong muscles, skin, joints and mobility. Collagen fortifies your blood vessels to improve circulation throughout the body. Blood and nutrients are delivered to your skin, resulting in healthy, radiant and youthful-looking skin. Collagen also strengthens the structure of bones, tendons, cartilage and ligaments.

Collagen supplementation is just beginning to show scientific backing, so we will I think, see this trend start taking off beyond 2013. There is one beauty trend hitting Japan that I don't expect we will see here anytime soon. It is collagen-infused beer foam, which is supposed to improve skin, hair and nails. It is powdered pork collagen which you pour into a glass and top off with beer. A 10-pack of sachets costs 1,000 yen, or about $12.50. Sadly, this product, whose English translation is "enjoy the collagen foam," can only be found in Japan...awwww.

6). Give our customers a beauty insider tip:

Be self-aware, in particular here, watch your posture when you do things so your neck is saved, shoulders are kept low and shake it out, do a little stretching once every hour - and be aware of your face when you do things like typing, texting and other such intensive activities (relax the facial muscles or try to smile when you are doing things like this…you'll get better and less frown lines!).

6.5). In 140 characters or less, give us a beauty tip to Tweet and tell us where to follow you.

Be more proactive. #strippingdowntoyourskivvies this summer means - exfoliate…exfoliate…exfoliate

7). Extra Credit: Write personal reviews for some of the individual products in your line.

I couldn't live without the Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser for smooth even tone. I credit my smooth skin to my Exfoliate Foaming Body Cleanser which I use daily in the shower. I use my Lip Repair Butter every day as well as my Butter Cream Salve all over. For my moisturizer I use the Pure Facial Moisture - Balancing all over but my Facial Lift Ultimate Firming Cream specifically for the area around my eyes and forehead which are starting to show my age of 45.

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