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From the Sanskrit word meaning “a beautiful woman,” Sundari Candle Products are based in the traditional Indian Avurvedic medical tradition and philosophy. Their purpose is to provide an inner beauty and healing, in order to find balance and serenity. Avurvedic medical theory holds that “beauty” is an endeavor and an experience, not an object to attain. This approach to beauty identifies stress, both physical and mental, as a major block to achieving inner serenity and beauty.

The holistic treatment for stress provided by Sundari Candle Products includes the use of specific combinations of scents to balance the dosha, or three bodily humors: vata, pitta and kapha. Each of these dosha represent a specific system of the body’s function, and all must be in balance to achieve the harmony from which beauty can spring. These long-lasting candles, with a burning life of up to 45 hours, are made from soy-based wax and use natural essential oils to achieve an soothing scent. Used as part of a balancing and healing process, Sundari Candle Products can be incorporated into your holistic beauty regimen.

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Additional Sundari Products Information

Inner serenity is a vital part of the holistic approach of traditional Indian Avurvedic medicine to achieve beauty. The selection of Sundari Candle Products provides natural scents to help achieve that inner balance, as part of a total beauty regimen.

Based on the simple but delicious traditional Indian dessert, Sundari Amrus Scented Candle offers the aroma of chilled mango pulp garnished with fresh basil. This combines sweet and peppery notes with an undertone of spice. The nectar-like juice of freshly cut sugarcane can only be attained through the labor of peeling away the hard, outer layer.

The symbolism of the sweetness and fresh lime scent of Sundari Candle Madura is a reminder of the effort required to achieve knowledge of Self. The bakula (Mimosops elengi) flower is used in India in garlands, symbolizing friendship and love. Sundari Candle Bakula offers this wine-sweet aroma reminiscent of orange flower with a note of gardenia.

The water-loving pandanus palm trees of southeast India are the source of the fragrant flowers used in Sundari Candle Keora. The hyacinth-honey scent provides a soft, gentle bouquet that is supposed to inspire creativity and promote regeneration. Sundari Gulkand Scented Candle takes its name from a delicate treat made in northern India, created by layering rose petals and honey, with just a splash of milk. This candle’s scent offers an equally delicious bouquet of rose, to help calm and balance the spirit. Jasmine and lotus floral scents are mixed with the warm aroma of lemongrass and cinnamon in Sundari Chameli Scented Candle.

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