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Supersmile Mouthwash

Hygiene and cosmetics both are addressed in Supersmile Mouthwash products, which aim to improve equally the health and appearance of your pearly whites (whatever actual shade they may be). Incorporated into your daily regimen, these rinses tackle multiple fronts, from eliminating odor-causing bacteria to reducing the plaque build-up that can lead to gingivitis and other oral maladies. Supersmile Mouthwash products also service as freshening cleansers both ahead and following the brushing, flossing, and glossing that composes your full oral-care routine. They’re a full-service treatment that’s nonetheless gentle on both your teeth and your pocketbook.

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Additional Supersmile Mouthwash Information

The Supersmile Mouthwash line is there for you in whatever setting. This doesn’t just apply to the calm of your home bathroom, but also during some frenzied, drawn-out office workshop that keeps you away from your toothbrush and floss, or to brief moments of calm in an extended journey. And these rinses also come in exceptionally handy just before a romantic dinner with that special someone. In other words, Supersmile Mouthwash products readily perform as both habitual and “emergency” rinses, promoting the bright glisten and fresh breath everyone aspires to.

Supersmile Mouthwash products are intended for use alongside other dental-hygiene and whitening applications. Employed regularly, they function as an effective—and refreshing—supplement. Supersmile, created by the aesthetic-dentistry pioneer Dr. Irwin Smigel, offers a roster of groundbreaking oral-care products to brighten your pearly whites and improve tooth and gum health. These rinses serve an important purpose as part of a multi-step process of priming, brushing, flossing and other applications. They work not only on natural teeth, but also on bonds, veneers, bleachings, and other artificial components.

Supersmile Whitening Pre-Rinse delivers an arsenal of teeth-cleaning services in one freshening, 30-second swish taken before brushing. The special alcohol-free formula targets the bacteria that can promote bad breath, while also preventing the development and accumulation of plaque. At the same time, whitening agents work to brighten your smile.

Beyond its bracing winter-fresh mint flavor, Supersmile Clinically Formulated Oral Rinse is a heavy-duty mouthwash. A 30-second rinse helps ward against plaque, cleans teeth, and imparts sustained germicidal protection and fresher breath.

A busy work or travel day may allow little time for tooth-brushing. For such harried schedules—or any other situation requiring last-minute freshening— Supersmile Single Dose Powdered Mouthrinse is the answer: All you need to do is tear the top off the individual-use foil packet, add some water, and you’re ready to swirl and rinse. The sugar- and alcohol-free formula contains Calprox (the Supersmile form of calcium peroxide), which targets plaque and staining, as well as baking soda, which freshens breath and helps prevent cavities.

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