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Supersmile Tooth Whiteners

From spools of specially treated floss and activating rods to gums, the Supersmile Tooth Whiteners line brings an arsenal of tooth-brightening products to your disposal. Regular brushing, flossing, and mouth-rinsing alone may not be enough to keep those heavily used teeth as gleaming and ivory-toned as they could be. Stains build up over years of eating and drinking—not least from such irresistible but discoloring beverages as coffee, tea, and wine—and the mineral composition of the tooth itself can change its outward hue and luster. Supersmile Tooth Whiteners can address these natural processes, working to restore your smile to its full potential—bright, gleaming, and wide.

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Supersmile Tooth Whiteners Products

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Safely and gently bleaches and cleans teeth.
3.6oz | SR010
Removes stains between teeth, as well as plaque and bacteria from under the gum line.
A professional whitening gum that removes stains, cleans teeth and freshens breath.
36 ct | SR047
A system to prime your teeth and prepare enamel for whitening.
12 ct | SR036
Clinically developed to promote real oral care "on-the-run."
0.17oz | SR012

Additional Supersmile Tooth Whiteners Information

Supersmile’s premier whitening and cleaning formulas and designs introduce an easy but robust, gentle but thorough oral-care system to your bathroom sink. Supersmile Tooth Whiteners come in a variety of forms, but all work toward eliminating stains and brightening the tooth’s surface to give you a more confident smile. Not only that, but they also attend to some basic dental hygiene, targeting plaque and odor-causing bacteria. These products also perform equally well on caps, dentures, and other amendments.

Whitening and cleaning applications are most effective in combination, and Supersmile Tooth Whiteners are meant to be integrated into a regimen to achieve their potential. They help both prepare the teeth and enamel for other attention and address nooks and crannies that brushes and rinses don’t always attend to.

Supersmile Whitening Accelerator Component is designed to work in conjunction with toothpaste to enhance whitening, avoiding the messiness of whitening trays. Composed of ingredients like urea peroxide and sodium saccharinate, the product is entirely safe on enamel and restores whiteness to veneers, bonding, caps, and dentures. For proper use, apply equal amounts of whitening accelerator and toothpaste on a dry toothbrush, and scrub your teeth with a tight, circular motion for two minutes, twice daily.

Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum is all-natural and sugar-free product. Armed with Calprox (Supersmile’s proprietary form of calcium peroxide), the gum improves breath, whitens teeth, eliminates surface stains, and promotes the health of your gums—and a main ingredient, Xylitol, both sweetens the gum itself and fights against cavities.

Supersmile Professional Activating Rods work effectively in combination with the Supersmile Professional Whitening System by priming teeth and preparing enamel. Mint-flavored, the rods clean the tooth surface with sodium bicarbonate and prepare the enamel with hydrogen peroxide. Swabbing the activating gel over your teeth once a week ahead of brushing with the Professional Whitening System makes it an easy addition to the routine.

A cutting-edge product, Supersmile Whitening Floss employs the power of Calprox and baking soda to whiten between teeth and freshen breath during your flossing routine, attacking stains and plaque, both. This isn’t your average floss: It brings state-of-the-art Supersmile musclepower to its performance.

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