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Supersmile Toothbrush

Is there any more basic and fundamental tool for dental hygiene than the toothbrush? Too often we tend to skimp on such ubiquitous items, perhaps because they seem so commonplace and generic as to take for granted. And a poorly constructed toothbrush, casually wielded, may deliver little benefit. We’ve all dealt with bristles either too rigid or too yielding, or frustratingly shaped brushes incapable of reaching all those nooks and crannies and tough on the wrist. The Supersmile Toothbrush line showcases a formidable array that goes beyond the simple removal of food debris. These products harness the latest in design technology to produce toothbrushes gentle on the gums and teeth, yet tough and relentless on the plaque, bacteria, and stains that can easily render your mouth into an unhealthy environment.

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Supersmile Toothbrush Products

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Clean beneath the gum line while polishing and whitening the teeth.
1 ct | SR031
Replacement brush heads for Supersmile Series II Sonic Pulse Toothbrush.
1 ct | SR028
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Additional Supersmile Toothbrush Information

Supersmile Toothbrushes are easy to hold and efficient in their coverage, contoured precisely to target troublesome, tough-to-reach corners of the dentition. Meanwhile, the Supersmile Toothbrush tongue cleaner addresses a part of the mouth regularly ignored, yet still a real source of bacteria and odor. These tools embody the Supersmile mission of rendering affordable, highly refined whitening and cleaning technology to customers unwilling to accept low-standard treatments and inflated prices.

The ergonomic toothbrushes in this line work in conjunction with Supersmile toothpastes and tongue cleaners for effective hygiene and brightening. Used regularly, they help constitute the backbone of a solid oral-care routine.

The marriage of a good toothbrush and toothpaste is a beautiful thing—and an essential part of maintaining a healthy mouth. Supersmile Original Mint Whitening Toothpaste and Supersmile Icy Mint Whitening Toothpaste both fulfill this contract. They dissolve pellicle—a protein on which plaque, stains, and bacteria are apt to form—and confront yellowing, bad breath, and unhealthy gums with Calprox and baking soda. They also contain fluoride recommended by the American Dental Association to combat cavities.

The Supersmile Generation Toothbrush has a minimalist elegance, but this belies its fine-tuned design. Its configuration allows you to scrub with five tufted rows of soft nylon bristles at a 45-degree angle, which is that recommended by the American Dental Association. The handle is ergonomically manufactured, and has a flat base so the toothbrush can be hygienically dried in an upright, standing position. The fashion-conscious have a number of colors to choose this model in: clear, blue, green, and pink.

With a once-daily application of 10 seconds or less, the Supersmile Tongue Cleaner helps minimize odor- and disease-causing bacteria from your tongue—too often neglected in the mouth-cleaning ritual. Its ripple-edge, double-handle design prevents the gagging too common with other versions. Use this in association with the other Supersmile arsenal and you’ll marvel at how a truly refreshed and pampered mouth can feel.

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