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Eyebrows are a focal point of your face. They provide a partial frame for your eyes, and are your very own “emoticons” and means of expression. Keep those eyebrows healthy, well-defined and full with TALIKA Eye Brow products. Designed to provide your eyebrow hairs with the nutritional elements they need to be healthy, thicker and more beautiful, the TALIKA Eye Brow line of products can help give your face an elegant look.

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Additional TALIKA Eye Brow Information

Beauty care is all about the details. Your eyebrows are such an important part of your look that you have to pay careful attention to their health and appearance. Through the use of TAKIKA Eye Brow products, you can keep each individual hair in your eyebrows looking beautiful by maintaining the health of the follicles down at the root level. Stimulate blood circulation in the skin below your eyebrows and keep the hairs moisturized, strong and healthy. If you are plagued by naturally thin eyebrows, you can add to their overall appearance with the help of TALIKA Eye Brow products as well. Keep an eye on your brows!

Beyond plucking, shaping and coloring, there is so much more you can do to help your eyebrows be a special asset to your look. With the help of TALIKA Eye Brow products, you can keep your eyebrows healthy, full and well-defined without resorting to liners or even tattoos. In return for just a few minutes a day, you can give your eyebrow hairs the benefit of natural botanical oils and extracts. Treat your eyebrow hairs with the same care and consideration as you do the hairs on your head; they need just as much pampering and attention.

Hair conditioning should not be limited to head hair. Your eyebrow hairs require just as much consideration, perhaps even more since eyebrows are subjected to much more plucking, shaping and coloring. Pamper your eyebrows with TALIKA Eyebrow Lipocils Conditioning Gel, a clinically proven product that stimulates hair follicle growth as it repairs and nourishes eyebrows. The botanical extracts help calm and soothe the skin underneath your eyebrows (particularly helpful after plucking).

The idea of eyelash extenders doesn’t sound so unusual, so why not apply the idea to eyebrows? The rayon fibers in TALIKA Eyebrow Extender Light Brown (just one of several colors) make your eyebrows look naturally thicker without restoring to pencils, powders or liners. They last a full day, but if you change your makeup for the evening, they can be wiped away with makeup remover. You can even get a set of these products, with TALIKA Eyebrow Kit – Dark Brown (or, in other colors).

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