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If you’ve spent many days basking out in the sun, you probably feel that a nice looking tan gives you a healthy glow that’s attractive and sexy. However you have probably also realized what a number it does on your skin. Over time, the sun’s damaging rays cause collagen to break down, leaving you with sagging skin along with wrinkles. As the skin ages with damage, it also experiences discoloration in the form of spots and patches. So how can you get that great looking tan without damaging your skin?

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TanTowel allows you to achieve that beautiful, radiant glow without the negative effects of the sun. You may have tried self tanners in the past only to be turned off by orange, streaky color along with a lingering unpleasant odor. The high quality formula of TanTowel eliminates the mess and poor results of self tanners of the past along with unwanted smells. The unique towelette delivery formula makes for mess free and fool proof application. The color goes on evenly and comes out looking natural. Choose from a variety of products that offer a fast forming tan that’s safe for the skin and easy on the eyes.

You know the risks of too much sun exposure, and perhaps you've decided your naturally bronzed glow simply isn't worth the risk. Fortunately, this lifestyle change doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice a beautiful tan. A natural but safe tan is achievable thanks to TanTowel, a company made famous by its easy-to-apply self-tanning towelettes. In 1998, Australian Lori Braun launched the brand--her mission was to develop a highly effective self-tanning product, one unlike any other self-tanner on the market. More specifically, Braun's vision of TanTowel was to create products that create a natural glow, offer easy application, and are free of odor, messes, and streaking. The pre-infused towelettes that mark the TanTowel brand achieve Braun's vision, making a bronzed glow a simpler task.

Since its launch in the late 1990s, TanTowel has received plenty of attention from the national and international press--and for good reason. In addition to mentions in Allure, Glamour, Marie Claire, Maxim, and O the Oprah Magazine, TanTowel was named Allure's Favorite Self-Tanning Product in its April 2013 Summer Beauty Box issue. The product's simplicity and ability to create a naturally bronzed glow appealed to Allure's editors--and now, these products can appeal to you as well. With several TanTowel products available at SkinStore, including towelettes designed especially for a variety of skin tones and types. If you're longing for a sun-kissed glow on your fair skin, consider what TanTowel has to offer. With the right product, you can boast a beautiful glow year-round.

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