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Terax Hair Care Shampoos

The human body is a complex and often difficult organism to deal with. Sometimes it feels like we spend more time maintaining our bodies than we do enjoying life. After all, we need to exercise to keep it in good physical shape, brush our teeth to keep them clean, wash our bodies to cleanse our skin, and let’s not forget washing our hair. Terax Hair Care Shampoos are just one of thousands of products available that help to cleanse our hair. Products such as Terax Hair Care Shampoos may seem unimportant, but they are vital in cleaning our hair and helping to create a presentable appearance. Terax Hair Care Shampoo is designed to be a step above the competition.

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Terax Hair Care Shampoos Products

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Formulated to clean and protect dry, brittle hair.
12oz | TJ007
No Longer Available
This gentle shampoo cleans and protects using honey and elder flower for moisture and wheat protein for strength.
12oz | TJ003
No Longer Available
Specifically designed for normal to oily hair. Encourages scalp health and reduces excess oil.
12oz | TJ006
No Longer Available
A classic shampoo suitable for normal hair. Enriched with Rosemary and Green Tea.
12oz | TJ005
No Longer Available
A gentle and effective way to remove impurities from hair while protecting hair and increasing moisture.
12oz | TJ004
No Longer Available

Additional Terax Hair Care Shampoos Information

No two shampoos are made the same. Some shampoos contain numerous ingredients that can actually be harmful to our hair over time. Terax Hair Care Shampoo includes both modern ingredients and other botanicals designed to clean our hair without damaging it. No Terax Hair Care Shampoo products contain ingredients that can damage our hair, such as sulfates, salts, or artificial colors.

Of all the cleaning products we use for our bodies, no one product can necessarily do it all. We have tooth paste for our teeth, anti-bacterial soap for our hands, soap and body washes for our skin, and shampoo for our hair and scalp. Terax Hair Care Shampoos are designed specifically to cleanse our hair and help maintain a healthy scalp. Even within the Terax Hair Care line there are a variety of products, each one designed to meet our differing hair needs.

Those with normal hair that requires no special attention will find that Terax Hair Care Miele Shampoo is the perfect solution. The Miele formula contains honey, Elder Flower, and wheat protein. Each of these ingredients brings a different benefit to this bottle of shampoo. The honey and Elder Flower help clean and moisturize hair, while the wheat protein helps strengthen it.

For those battling with brittle and easily damaged hair there is Terax Hair Care Collagene Shampoo. Designed with collagen and soy proteins, the Collagene Shampoo cleans, protects, and moisturizes hair while also repairing and strengthening.

Some people enjoy a relaxing experience in the shower, and the right shampoo can help enhance the relaxation of any hot shower or bath. The Terax Hair Care Delicato Shampoo was designed for those with normal hair who are looking for a little more from their shampoo. The Delicato Shampoo contains Rosemary, soy proteins, and Green Tea. The added ingredients in Delicato are designed to cleanse without stripping, prevent split ends, and help protect against damaging environmental factors.

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