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People who are suffering from chronic acne will look almost anywhere for a solution to the embarrassing, uncomfortable problem of frequent blemishes, but one place most would never think to turn to is the ocean. Beneath their crystal blue waters, our oceans contain a host of plant life and other natural materials that offer incredible benefits for the skin. Using these elements, like marine mud and seaweed, to improve the health of the complexion is known as thalassotherapy, and this form of natural healing helps to improve the signs of acneic skin for many sufferers.

Thalgo Acne Treatment Products make it possible for you to reap the benefits of thalassotherapy for your complexion without having to visit a spa to receive treatments. Formulated with pure ingredients sourced from the ocean, the Thalgo Acne Treatment Products help to speed up the healing time of blemishes, so that they disappear more quickly. In addition, the Thalgo Acne Treatment Products can help normalize and purify the complexion to reduce the frequency with which acne returns and even lessen the likelihood of developing blemishes.

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Address signs of acneic skin with the best of what the sea has to offer by using Thalgo Acne Treatment Products.

There is no single cause for chronic acne. Instead, the condition arises from a combination of factors that lead to the development of infections in the pores. The Thalgo Thalgodermyl Purifying Extracts treatment addresses nearly all of the factors that contribute to the appearance of a blemish to help acne breakouts fade more quickly and make them less likely to return in the future.

Thalgo Thalgodermyl Purifying Extracts is formulated using the principles of thalassotherapy and has proprietary oceanic complexes at the heart of its formula. Two of these key complexes are contolamine and, which work together to limit the amount of oil that is released from the sebaceous glands. By regulating oil production, the complexes help to lessen the risk of blockages in the pores. Natural exfoliators are included in the formula to dissolve dead skin cells that can also contribute to clogs. Lemon essential oil is featured in the formula to inhibit the growth of bacteria and decrease the likelihood of infection.

The actions of the key ingredients in Thalgo Thalgodermyl Purifying Extracts are complemented by a blend of supporting ingredients that help keep the skin free of irritation throughout daily acne treatment. Lavender and chamomile oils soothe the skin and reduce inflammation, while seaweed provides key nutrients to the complexion. The formula is intended as an all over treatment for the face and neck.

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