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Thalgo Acne Treatment

While the surprise of the occasional blemish can quickly ruin your mood, struggling with chronic acne breakouts can have a truly detrimental effect upon your self-image. Acne forms due to infections in the pores caused by clogs made up of dead skin cells, excess oil and bacteria. To truly clear up your skin and prevent breakouts, you must purge these impurities and open up the pores with products designed to purify and enrich the complexion without drying or irritating the healthy sections of your skin. The Thalgo Acne Treatment collection contains products designed to do just that: efficiently remove clogging materials from your pores, while preserving the health of the surrounding tissue.

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Thalgo Acne Treatment Products

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Controls sebum production, combats acne and refines the skin.
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Additional Thalgo Acne Treatment Information

The products in the Thalgo Acne Treatment line rely on ingredients sourced from one of our most abundant resources--the sea. Imparted with nourishing vitamins and minerals, the Thalgo Acne Treatment range eliminates excessive oil and dead skin and banishes the germs that linger in the tissue and cause acne to return. Using the items in the Thalgo Acne Treatment collection will purify your complexion, giving you the clear skin you crave.

Remove the impurities that are causing your blemish woes with the Thalgo Acne Treatment range. The skin healthy formulations found in the collection are based on the healing powers of the vital nutrients found in the sea. Thanks to their nourishing ingredients, the acne treatment products from Thalgo provide safe, lasting results and will make your skin as clear as the crystal blue waters of the warmest oceans.

The Thalgo Thalgodermyl Purifying Extracts delivers a blend of acne-fighting ingredients deep into your pores with every application. The proprietary formula Controlamine is bolstered by mineral-rich algae and forms the heart of the acne treatment serum. The actions of the active ingredients are enhanced by a blend of natural herbal extracts, including lemon peel oil, panax ginseng, betula bark and arnica flower.

Together, the ingredients in the Thalgo Thalgodermyl Purifying Extracts work together to affect every one of the elements that contribute to the infections that cause acne. Natural antiseptics target and destroy bacteria lurking in your pores, while additional ingredients travel into the sebaceous glands to limit the amount of oil produced and secreted into the pores. Finally, the exfoliative properties of the serum's natural ingredients remove dead skin cells, preventing them from becoming lodged in the pores, where they can exacerbate the infections that cause blemishes.

Just two drops of the Thalgo Thalgodermyl Purifying Extracts provides enough of the formula to reduce acne on your entire complexion. The serum is safe enough for daily use until acne disappears.

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