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While much of nature has skin-soothing ingredients that promote rejuvenating growth, the waters of the sea, in particular, offer rich nutrients that treat the skin to healthy doses of refreshing life-instilling benefits. Each of the Thalgo Bath and Body Products include powerful formulas that relax the human body with their aromatic components while also soothing and nourishing the skin to a better condition. The nutrients contained in each formula found in the line of Thalgo Bath and Body Products are derived from the crisp waters of many of the world’s oceans. The premise of these beauty solutions is that the ingredients will beautify the human skin in much the same way as it creates such gorgeous looking oceans.

Each of these skin care solutions is designed to give your skin a wonderful experience based in nourishing hydration, aiding your skin in remaining youthful in appearance and as perfect as possible. You may not be able to take a weekend getaway each week on your own, but you can certainly create a mini-spa in your home with our delightful array of Thalgo Bath and Body Products.

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Come on, dip your toes into a soothing experience, give your muscle relief from tension, encourage sleeping, eliminate impurities, or fight off water retention with the pleasant formulas found in Thalgo Bath and Body Products.

If you are searching for an efficacious solution that can detoxify your skin by draining waste out through the natural process of perspiring, you should look into Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae. As natural marine algae goes about the process of eliminating some of your metabolic waste, Laminaria Digitata helps to tone the skin, and Magnesium and Calcium soften it. Fats are also broken down due to the algae, so some minor weight loss may be experienced.

When applied directly to your feet, the soothing formula of Thalgo Aromaceane Relax relieves tension as you massage it into your foot. It can also be used to help induce sleep when you apply it to the upper abdomen (solar plexus). These capabilities are derived from its inclusion of Magnolia (calms and relaxes the body’s muscles) along with Lavender (aids in regulating proper functioning of the nervous system).

Suitable for people of all skin types (normal, dry, sensitive, oily, and combination), the exfoliating solution delivered by Thalgo Marine Scrub with Organic Almond Shells aids in the removal of spent skin cells that can clog the skin’s pores and dull its surface. Its unique blending of ingredients aids in re-mineralizing the skin, creating a creamier texture. With weekly use of this solution, you skin should begin to appear healthier and more radiant.

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